Without Polish, Your Shoes Become Neglected

The shoe polish you’re sold with the purchase of your new shoes, is like the SEO for your new website. Your website being an asset walking you across the globe to meet new clients. When you have spent so much on your best pair of shoes, of course you would want to invest in their maintenance. Keep this in mind when it comes to examining the budget for your website. It won’t just market itself once it’s out there, there’s a lot more to consider than just that.


More companies are realising the importance of opting for search engine optimisation following the launch of their website. Without it they know their website is meaningless and will fall into a black hole, taking the back seat. With it, a pair of spring coils grow, taking it to the next round, crying out for attention exactly like the red soles of a Dubai mistresses new Louis Vuitton shoes.


Every Impression Counts

Understanding your clients keywords to reach your product or service is essential to overtake local and national competitors on the web scene. Ask yourself ‘What are your company traits or unique selling points forming the basis of your marketing strategy?’ Sitting above a competitor is insignificant when their marketing messages are much stronger and more appealing to searchers trawling through the results on page one Google.


Your client approach is not the only factor to consider when laying out all the facts for new buyers to read. They’ll judge your company name and website like a book cover. If they like what they ‘see’ they’ll want to know more. They’ll be comparing you against your Google neighbours based on the below factors too.

  • Costs
  • Promotions
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Proximity
  • Corporate branding
  • Company name


Location, location

Going back to keywords, focusing on specific audiences and their ideal search keywords is more fruitful than targeting everyone to buy your service. Take into account the nearest big cities around your business. If you specialise in building supplies and your based in Marlbrook, then keywords like Building Supplies Birmingham will be more credible to target. Search engine results are cleverly becoming more tailored to the searchers geographical location. So targeting buyers from a local proximity increases your chances of being seen.


The importance of micro formatting and rich data types.

Google now display some results with ‘rich snippets’ under the websites results. Rich snippets are industry specific and could be any of the following types of information for a restaurant, a theatre company or even a music website :

  • Reviewers average ratings
  • Reviews
  • Price range
  • Contact details such as address and telephone number
  • Next time a film is showing
  • Link to download the song or song lyrics
  • Nearest locations


By giving your potential audience even quicker access to information, with no need to click into the website, they can click straight on ‘call’ from a mobile site. Visitors can compare and filter results at a glance using rich snippet data, such as star ratings to judge others experiences and whether the company is worth a click through.


Appreciating this you’ll agree a higher ranking site without rich data is less likely to qualify for a click through, compared to it’s lower ranking competitor appearing more upfront and accessible through star ratings and its company contact information. Proving its the small details that count, to place you at the front of the search engine queues. With rich snippet data, your company’s results are broken down into individuals lines of text and becomes easier to read too.


Displaying 5 yellow stars and over 350 reviews with a snippet of a customer review like “this place is always busy, but the outstanding one to one customer service every time always surprises us!” is hardly going to deter the customer searching for their nearest supplies centre with keys already in the ignition.


In an almost collaborative relationship, meta tags used by web developers to display rich data to gain higher visibility, are designed to be read by search engines like Google. Meta data, like small bricks are meaningful and beneficial for companies to make their mark, and for fast paced visitors to find them and trust the accurateness in the service they will also receive.