Why have a corporate blog?

We’ve always been very reluctant to integrate a blog into our website, as it’s a huge commitment (with high maintenance). There are so many websites with a blog that are rarely updated and contain seriously old news. Creating a company blog is easy and straightforward, however keeping it engaging and interactive for users is difficult.


Below are the core reasons we decided to include a blog into our website;


Keeping our existing clients in the loop

We are currently working on many exciting projects with several clients across the globe and became in need of a ‘dumping ground’ for simple posts on the latest digital trends. This is a great method of updating our clientele and general visitors on professional industry practise as well as new useful tools available.


Showcase our recent and new projects

At times, adding a new project to our website portfolio is not always practical. Our team have delivered some gorgeous work but it’s not meaty enough to add in portfolio. Why? Our clients not only provide us with a testimonial but also proofread our content within our portfolio. In addition, composing good copy for our case studies is very time-consuming. We will utilise our agency blog as a tool to showcase some elements of our work quickly – without having to spend ages composing copy.


Google likes unique copy

Anyone can copy and paste meaningless text into a blog without a single thought on how this damages your brand. In addition, Google loves websites that regularly get updated with fresh keyword-rich copy, which helps boost rankings. If blog content is valuable, without doubt people will discuss and share it on various social media channels like facebook, twitter and linked-in.


Become the expert

Why do we will all love Jamie Oliver? He shares every recipe he knows and never fears competitors copying them and opening a restaurant next door to start killing his business. People buy people and businesses buy businesses. Our honest approach to date has won us many great clients. How? By sharing everything we know openly regardless if we win the business. This approach will also be visible on this blog, as every single trick (worth blogging about) will be posted!