Why Agencies Should Partner With Google

Our journey to become a recognised and trusted Google Partner has been a tremendous and enjoyable learning experience. As a leading organic SEO agency, Kalexiko have always focused their efforts on creating new content, link building and maintaining on-page SEO. The idea of paying for clicks was not initially appealing because if payments stopped then the listing would too. However, the benefit of paid results is instant (if you tick all the correct boxes) and clients don’t have the patience to wait for weeks and months to gain a noticeable difference in their organic search results, especially when they want to gain advantage over their existing competitors who also pay per click.


The first exam we went on to pass last year, Adwords Fundamentals, opened up a whole new world on campaigns, ad groups, keywords, budgets, bids, social extensions and much more. It taught us the structure behind a single ad and how Adwords can target specific geographical locations, languages and audiences with particular interests. Additionally, how an ad will only appear when we want it to.


Further completing advanced level certifications on Google Analytics, Adwords Search Advertising and then Adwords Display Advertising, we have been able to undertake the appropriate training to produce only the best results for our clients.


Best Practice and Minimum Spend Requirements

Google don’t just hand over the badge after obtaining a few certifications; they also demand high performance and customer satisfaction from our clients. Once these best practice requirements have been reached, we were one step closer to receiving our Google Partner status.


Some of the ways we demonstrated our ability to achieve high performance included;

  • Targeting specific demographics for our clients Adwords accounts
  • Improving their Quality Scores to lower the cost per click
  • Experimenting with multiple text ads in each ad group


All being key components to ensure the clients campaigns are gaining maximum performance under Kalexiko’s direct management. Most importantly, Google want to see that a clients account is regularly being reviewed with frequent changes being made to make the most of the clients stated budgets.


That’s not all. There’s also a minimum spend requirement of $10,000 (dollars). So, Google monitor how healthy the current level of activity is based on the amount spent in our Manage Client Center Account over the last 90 days. Google Partner is not for everyone; Google really want to see how serious you are in becoming a Google Partner and how ready you are to commit to a long term partnership with the most powerful brand in the world.


Kalexiko’s Long Term Commitment as a Google Partner

Now Kalexiko manage even more client Adwords accounts than ever before. By linking our clients accounts to our Manage Client Center (MCC) account, clients have the option to grant permissions to only what they want us to work on.


Since 2014, we’ve already generated over 11.2 million impressions, 40,000 clicks and over £50,000 worth of conversions for the products and services our clients offer.


Where some of our clients have limited knowledge on types of keywords, eg broad match, exact match and negative keywords, we’ve been able to tweak their existing Adwords accounts to ensure they gain maximum exposure in one of the top positions of Google Page 1. For other clients we have created a hierarchal Adwords account that reflects their existing website structure and the various services they offer, with each service benefitting from its own campaign. We’ve managed our clients accounts to enable customer targeting on any device and in any specific location.


Working closely with our clients, we create exceptional ads with unique copywriter text, to include ad extensions and sitelink extensions, working in our clients favour to beat their existing Adword competitors for top position ads. We ensure your ad’s landing page is unique and relevant to where your customers want to go.


The Benefits of Google Partner Status for Kalexiko

With the partner status, we now have access to Google Partner Search where potential clients or Adwords advertisers can find Kalexiko to manage their account for them. We can interact and team up with other Google Partners agencies to share best practice tips and build our web presence.


You can also view statistics such as how many views your personal Google Partner profile page has received. With endless benefits of becoming a partner, the free online study guides and certifications are just a small chunk of it. You also receive invitations to special events, emails on new available products and new training opportunities.


The biggest reward is receiving the prestigious partner badge, to reflect how well we at Kalexiko have followed Google Best Practices and maintained a healthy business.