Tweet to the top…

The internet is the core of the world’s communication and has billions addicted to its offerings but did you know that you could use it’s power to boost your business?


In the 80’s the world was introduced to the internet and the fascinating possibilities that it brought with it, for the first time in history we were provided point to point access between computers and email soon became the ultimate craze; enabling two way communication with anyone, anywhere in the world by simply typing a few letters on our PC…amazing. Fast forward a mere twenty or so years and BAM! the internet has taken over the world.


Statistics reveal that in its first few years the internet was used by 0.4% of the population compared to a massive 30.4% of the entire world population today!


We talk to family on it, we make friends on it, we do the weekly shop on it and we watch TV on…the possibilities are endless, even more so with the growth of the social media, the internet is now the core function that connects billions of people in mere seconds.


Twitter is defined by the English dictionary as a consistent repeat of light sounds…but in today’s day and age it refers to the ultimate micro blogging tool that has billions across the globe..including the rich and famous; hooked to it.


Since it’s birth in 2006 Twitter has become one of the most powerful communications tools in the world and has grown exponentially in the space of a few years by enabling users to send real time messages, otherwise known as Tweets, to the world.


Used by the average Joe and the world famous actors and musicians, businesses are now jumping on the bandwagon and making twitter one of their central marketing tools and believe it or not it could work wonders for your business too!


Over approximately 400,000 accounts created a day

Approximately 6,000 tweets created per second


Top 3 reasons Twitter can work for you…


1. Control

Unlike subliminal advertising, Twitter enables you the business to have control over your brand, your image and perception. With Twitter you can control the way your products and services are viewed, directly promote one of your services over the other and promote your business in the way you want it.


Use those 140 characters and Tweet something to get people talking about you, offer them something, entice them to your services.


Ultimately Twitter gives you the control to shape what your audience is thinking…what could be better?


2. Bonding

One of the main reasons behind the phenomenal success of Twitter is the deep insight it can provide.


Ok so you’re probably thinking what we did at first, how deep can you get with 140 characters? The answer is very!


The real time messages allow users to build a deeper relation with each other, why else do we love keeping an eye on our favourite celebrity and what they are up to? because it gives us a chance to get a look in to their lives and rather then peek when we are not wanted, we are welcomed with open arms and the same can apply for your business.


Keep an eye on your customers and their thoughts on your products/services. Offer them something and ask them their opinions; customers always feel more comfortable with a business if it has a face and a voice that listens to what they have to say…break that cold, corporate brand image and your business won’t be one that is forgotten.


Keep your customers informed on everything happening, deal with any crises issues and get immediate customer insight.


Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make them feel wanted and at ease.


3. Pushing

So perhaps you offer a service or product for which the above two points may not be appropriate but this does not exactly mean that Twitter is not the one for you.


It is used by billions across the world…use it wisely and get people to notice you.


Twitter can be a great way to drive traffic to your website as long as you remain persistent. Don’t go for the obvious ‘I am a business’ type of Tweets but instead aim to be a little bit clever. Has there been any news stories etc that your business could provide an opinion on? Is there something happening in the world for which your business can provide a specific product or service? Get yourself noticed without trying to be noticed.


Make sure your companies brand logo’s and images are embedded into your Twitter page, provide Tweets that shy away from overt sales and most importantly…be persistent and the push should be inevitable.


These are simply our top three steps that can help you and your business tweet to the top but the opportunities available are many and you can use these tools however you wish. If you are a small business with a small marketing budget then jump on the Twitter bandwagon, its fast, free and can put you in the path of millions in seconds.


The direct response mechanism of Twitter makes it the ultimate PR and Marketing tool, be sure to keep this in mind at all times.


Remember that Twitter is a communication tool so use it to communicate with your clients and potential customers, maintain a presence, be persistent and Tweet daily and most importantly talk to, not at your audience and you will soon find that this particular communication tool can definitely work in your favour.