The Successive Evolution of Viva Livin’s Logo Design

Viva Livin Group Personal Training Camp have helped hundreds of determined individuals to eliminate fat loss and achieve lean muscle goals. Viva Livin’s philosophy has always been to make Health and Fitness an enjoyable part of everyday life by inducing an everlasting and addictive motivation within all its members.


Viva Livin is more than an average Fitness Training Camp. They have created a tribe like following based upon a fantastic social atmosphere they believe is integral to achieving fitness results. The name Viva (Latin for ‘long’) Livin sits parallel with the groups vision to ‘Train Hard, Eat Clean and to Enjoy Life’.


Viva Livin’s Current Branding

Their current branding consists of bright beaming sun rays on a bold black background. The sun illuminating feelings of warmth and happiness, also depicts a natural, organic and healthy brand, similar to the branding you would see for a health food business. Both promoting similar objectives – healthy lifestyle and eating, however Viva Livin wanted their new branding to visually reflect the active and social appeal of their training camp.

Viva Livin’s printed merchandise featuring clean bold lettering interprets into the vibrant energy and personalities within their training camps.


What Viva Livin Wanted

Viva Livin wanted a simple but effective logo design. Their printed brand merchandise includes indispensables such as t-shirts and hoodies, so their new logo had to contrast on a variety of coloured background materials. To protect the integrity of the brand Viva Livin requested a logo specification document detailing all colours and fonts.


The Concepts

A range of branding concepts were produced for Viva Livin.


Concept 1 features a clean modern logo combined with a slanted 3D ’88’ to form the shape of a 4 leaf icon.

Concept 2 delivers an upbeat design with energetic lettering reflecting expressive movement and fitness. The curvaceous ‘V’ in Viva conveys a lean and flexible body.

Concept 3 cleverly combines the V and L to form a single icon next to straight edge typography.

Concept 4 almost creates a shout out for the fun and vibrant camp to appear inviting towards individuals that consider joining.

Concept 5 is a modern and colourful, wraparound 3D effect with geometric tiling.

Concept 6 is a combination of concept 3 and 4, to produce a bolder clean logo with unique typography.


Client Feedback

Viva Livin liked the icon and VIVA font used in concept 3, but especially the stylised ‘A’ in concept 6. They requested for a separate VL icon adopting the stylised ‘A’ approach.


Viva Livin’s other feedback on the original concept designs was to create a “more bolder” look. Viva Livin now understood exactly what they wanted – “a logo that will give us that gritty, tough training feeling”.


The provision of initial concept designs, allowed Kalexiko to work on earlier ideas to move forward and find ‘exactly’ what Viva Livin required.


The Solution

Kalexiko implemented Viva Livin’s feedback to amend the preferred concepts and included further design concepts too. The key was to keep the design simple, whilst incorporating the rugged, gritty and bold theme. We avoided forcing too many messages into the logo that would weaken it and make it easily forgotten. We knew the idea of a textured ‘gritty’ background with a reversed out logo would work really well for Viva Livin and translate outstandingly onto web and printed literature too.


Further Concept 1

An alternative design concept was also created based on the positive feedback submitted for the original concepts 3 and 6.


Further Concept 2


Client Feedback

Viva Livin could see these new logo designs on their same wavelength. They were satisfied with the gritty but simple look of Concept 1. However, they preferred the text in Concept 2 and could see it benefitting from a further characteristic such as a strike through the text, without the waviness of the font which could create printing issues.


The Solution

In response to the clients latest feedback, we agreed a strike through the text would create better emphasis. We decided to give an option of a higher and lower strike through which simultaneously creates the dots on the ‘i’s’ with the higher strike through. Anything in between would not make the text legible.


Client Feedback

Viva Livin, unconvinced the font style was not charismatic enough, chose to remove the VL icon from the logo. Instead they wanted a simple icon to portray an athletic message so people would instantly think of Viva Livin through tough, powerful, gritty movements that give that outdoor training feeling.


The Solution

In response to the change of icon in the logo, Kalexiko replaced the VL with a series of robust figures representing a motion of actions during several fitness phases hat evolve during fitness. This in turn inspired a new recommended strap line : “an evolution in fitness” or “fitness evolved”, to replace the existing “Making bodies leaner, sexier and stronger”.

Keeping consistent with the landscape mode of the text, the logo text was placed into a box, to create more emphasis on the brands individuality and boldness. In addition to this, a gritty layered background was added for a rustic and distressed effect.


Client Feedback

Viva Livin were now seeing what they believed was them. They wanted the new design concept and font style.


Extremely satisfied with their new “Fitness Evolved” slogan, Viva Livin were slightly deterred by the silhouette icon of a person on their logo, that gave the impression of an athletic club. Proud of the powerful red gritty background with a foot in action, they felt that the icon was the least important attribution to their logo at that moment and could be completely removed.


On seeing the new bolder version of the logo, Viva Livin decided the text was too blocky for them and to revert to a thinner text. The client asked for the “FITNESS EVOLVED” text to sit within the solid box to achieve a balanced and collective design. They also requested for more space between the text and the box to create a larger impact on the text.


The Final Solution

The final solution that had evolved through several designs and working in collaboration with the client, finally gave result to the clients exacts requirements and preferences. Their new branding proudly reflects them in every way.