The Kalexiko 2012 Projects Showroom

Without a doubt 2012 has been one of the most exciting years in recent history, the Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Presidential Election, the release of some of the most anticipated films (depending on your cinematic stance), breakthrough technology… 2012 has been packed with events to make it a year that will go down forever in the history books.


Here at Kalexiko HQ 2012 has been a vibrant, busy year. We have had the pleasure to work with a diverse clientèle  on some very unique and exciting projects. Before the year is out and 2013 begins, we wanted to cling on to the last remnant of a brilliant year here at the Kalexiko Studio and take a glance back at whom we have had the pleasure of working with this year;


Martin & Co

Martin & Co are the largest estate agency and lettings franchise in the UK. Due to their company re-brand, we were commissioned to give the website another complete revamp from the ground up.


We crafted a website for them that was responsive; no matter what users were looking for on the site, they would be able to find it easily.


We made complete use of the ability to conduct a custom search; to allow a user to find exactly what they were looking for without having to trawl through unwanted information.


We also improved the enquiry flow with user-friendly forms to increase website leads.


When creating the website a bespoke experience based on the persona, such as tenants, sellers, buyers and landlords was paramount. We wanted to reflect Martin & Co’s ethos of delivery of a completely customised service for the individual.


Prophet PLC

Prophet PLC is a pioneering Supply Chain Software provider in the fresh food service. Having been established for over 20 years and with offices in the UK, USA and South Africa, Prophet PLC partnered with us to develop a content managed website that not only pushed their three software products but also raised their online presence.


We designed Prophet PLC a website with advertising their software as the main focus. We designed a lively and simplistic  website packed with colour and warmth.


Adopting a bold, fresh colour schemes of their software we captured the fresh feel of Prophet but kept their software as the foundations of the site.


We created three versions of the Prophet PLC website; to cater for their companies over three continents; UK, USA and South Africa.


Using our diligent SEO strategies, in 2013 we will increase Prophet’s online presence; raising their search engine ranking and translating their online presence into sales.


Business Report

It has been a real pleasure to have been able to have worked with Business Report this year. Business Report is the leading UK online publication in business news and resources from UK companies; it offers an insightful view into what’s current in the world of UK business.


Business report also acts as a hub for contributors to post blogs and to share news and information with other subscribers.


When creating the Business Report website, we wanted to capture the sophisticated aesthetics of a broadsheet newspaper infused with an informative, easy to navigate layout.


We achieved this with a flowing layout; a small snippet of new articles feature on the homepage providing the user with a summary of the featured content in an un-overwhelming digestible format.


Another facet of Business Report that we wanted to emphasise was the social-media element.


We designed the social-media element of the sight to allow bloggers and followers to register and connect through their social media accounts; once a blog has been posted it will show up on follower’s social media activity.


The big plans for 2013 is to create a Business Report mobile experience, with the optimisation of a mobile-site and application that can be viewed anywhere on mobile devices.


One of the most impressive success stories of the past few years is the Sales-i software. Sales-i is a multi-award winning Customer Intelligence Service (and also the fastest growing of its kind in the UK and USA).


We wanted to give Sales-i a website that reflected their efficient, fast-paced business; something ahead of its time and most important of all: original.


Originality is at the heart of our design here at Kalexiko and we wanted to ensure that the Sales-i site was brimming with it.


One of the ways we implemented originality was by conducting a photo-shoot with the Sales-i team. The photoshoot took place in the Sales-i offices; offering a more personal insight to the team at work.


For the layout of the site, we wanted to make something with cool, clean lines and an air of digital-sophistication. As you will see, we have implemented a number of different page formats to compliment this.


Mitchel & Co

Mitchel & Co offer one-off custom designed jewellery. A client can chose from a number of beautiful loose diamonds and have a piece created for them.


Our goal was to create a website that was as unique and as beautiful as the diamonds and jewels in the Mitchel & Co collection. We also wanted to emphasise the home-grown element of the business.


To do this we went to the Mitchel & Co boutique armed with a camera. We took a number of photos of the Mitchel family, the shop floor and the work-shop and tools.


We also optimised Mitchel & Co’s online presence and now you will find them as one of the first names on Google when you perform a relative search (try ‘loose diamonds’ and see!).


With the coming of 2013 brings plans to expand the e-commerce element of the Mitchel & Co site; the online catalogue will have no doubt brought in a wave of people desiring the jewellery on offer!


Filler World

Filler World are an online retailer who specialise in worldwide cosmetic pharmaceutical brands. Filler World possess a reliable and convenient way for Clinics, Medical Professionals and Wholesalers to buy Dermal Fillers, Orthopaedics & all other Medical Devices from one trusted source at a competitive price. This service has proved Filler World to be leaders in their industry; taking care of not only an individual’s beauty requirements, but also their lifestyle and budget.


We helped Filler World become a beauty boutique that excels in the digital age and helped them to boost their SEO to ensure that they are constantly visible for potential customers.


Yen Luxury Hair

Yen Hair is an opulent hair salon that merges inspiration to create a vibe that’s timeless and unrestrained by limitations.


We created a complete CMS system for Yen Luxury Hair; allowing them to continue to modify their site and keep it up to-date with their developments.


SEO optimisation was key in the creation of the Yen Luxury Hair website and it already ranks on page one for hairdressers Birmingham.


The Yen Hair website operates on a fully content-managed system allowing the site to be regularly updated by the salon artistes, ensuring it is always current and social.


We continue to work with the Yen Hair team on a regular basis, creating email marketing campaigns.


After the creation of the site, Yen Luxury Hair has seen a notable difference in salon bookings via the website.


Moonlight & Mistletoe

Moonlight & Mistletoe has been hailed as the ‘World’s Most Exquisite Christmas Party’ and it’s not hard to see why.


Moonlight & Mistletoe offers an office party filled with music, jaw-dropping entertainment and a visit from Santa amongst a number of other acts that will make a Christmas party with them one to remember.


In the creation of the Moonlight & Mistletoe website, we implemented a sophisticated CMS system that enables the Moonlight & Mistletoe team full administration to manage event seating plans, online payments, menu’s and reservations.


Moonlight & Mistletoe now have a huge online presence, ranking highly for ‘office party’ on


The Iguana Group

The Iguana Group is global exhibition design consultancy, with over twenty years experience in the field.


This provided us with the perfect inspiration for the creation of their website.years in the field. We developed the content-managed website that resembled an exhibition itself; paying heed to colour and space and let the visuals to the talking.


In 2013 we hope to work with The Iguana Group to optimise the SEO for their website.


The Five Rivers: Á La Carte

The Five Rivers is a renowned, award-winning luxury Asian restaurant, full of class and opulence. We wanted their website to reflect that and to recreate the luxurious dining experience.


We created an ultra-modern website, featuring unique photography of the restaurant grounds; stylish shots of the mouth-watering dishes all with a feeling of vibrancy and Eastern mysteriousness.


We didn’t gloss over the usability if the site either. We ensured that it included features that made it ultra-responsive and interactive for a user.


We incorporated social media elements; allowing a user to easily interact with the Five River’s social media pages, we created a transitory façade with photos of the restaurant’s interior and a table reservation system; allowing a user to view availability and make bookings.


We enhanced the SEO on the Five Rivers website, ensuring that it wouldn’t remain a ‘hidden treasure’ for much longer.


Jeevan’s Gift

We had the honour of working with Jeevan’s gift in 2012.


Jeevan’s Gift is a charitable organisation inspired by the birth Jeevan Singh Dhaliwal. Built on the ethos of the sanctity of life; Jeevan’s Gift works to ensure that children less fortunate are provided with shelter and sustenance.


We wanted to create a website that had impact and would highlight the cause that Jeevan’s Gift is working hard for. The site was designed to be bursting with colour and positive vibes- to highlight the optimism and  energy behind the cause.


We also set the site up with an online donation system; so generous users could make a donation at their convenience.


Bracebridge Engineering

Bracebridge Engineering is a leading metal fabrication company based in the West Midlands.


Established in 1978 and experts in their field, we wanted to give to them a website that emphasised their expertise in the field.


We performed a photoshoot at the Bracebridge grounds, so that the public could see the experts at work. We captured the processes, the machinery and the team at work.


We also made the site easy to navigate; ensuring those in search of a specialist process would be able to find it with minimal fuss.


Though Bracebridge Engineering has been experts in their field for over three decades, it doesn’t mean that they are behind the times; we have installed an online enquiry system and online brochure, so that customers can browse Bracebridge’s catalogue and make enquiries from home. Expertise like Bracebridge’s deserves to be recognised. We enhanced the SEO for their website ensuring that they receive the online rankings that they deserve.


Watch this space!

So, there you have it! This was just a chance to exhibit a few of the projects we have had the pleasure to work with in 2012.


Come 2013 we won’t be slowing down at all! We have many, many great projects in the pipeline for the coming year.


So watch this space, because 2013 is going to be very exciting!