The Importance Of Making Changes To Your Homepage

In the majority of cases the home page is the most important page on a website. A viewer will decide from looking at it whether they will continue onto the site or leave. An outdated home page will most likely bring less viewership and potential less business. To do only a home page redesign rather than a full site redesign could be for a variety of reasons including:


You don’t have the time or money to invest in a full redesign

The times of not redesigning your website for a number of years are for the most part over. Chances are that your potential clients from maybe using SEO or word of mouth for example will most likely visit your website before contacting you so leaving a good first impression is vital for your business. If lack of funds are an issue then improving your home page is a great way to improve your business’ online presence if you don’t have the time or money for a full site redesign.


Your website has a high bounce rate

Your websites bounce rate is an important statistic to check for on a regular basis. Using Google Analytics you can see a report on the bounce rate for each page. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave the site after only viewing 1 page which is normally the home page. Improving your home page is the best place to start if you are seeing a high bounce rate.


There are mobile and tablet issues with your home page & navigation

There may be a number of improvements that can be done to improve the experience on mobile and tablet. Conceptualising how the content & design will be viewed not only on a desktop but also on mobile and tablet devices are vital especially with the increase in use of mobiles and tablets.


You’ve added a new service/product

Using the layout of your home page as another way to navigate to the targeted pages of your site is beneficial. If there is more than one navigation menu on the site, different menus will be used by different visitors to the site. Having a section that focuses on your services/products with a link to your services/products page is recommended. With a home page redesign, new sections can be added that highlight new services or products and that should drive traffic to important new areas on the website.