The good, the bad and the ugly in web design

Ever been on a website and wondered; one, what you were doing on there? And two, what the website even was? Odds are that you have probably just answered yes.


You see the fact is that despite the ever growing power and the sheer domination of the internet, there are still some websites out there that are far from impressive and find themselves falling way behind.


If you are attempting to create a website for your business then you must realise how important it can be…don’t look at it as a secondary tool!


In today’s fast paced media world, the internet is readily available to millions which means so too is your business…if you do it right.


Don’t just settle for an ‘ok’ website, make sure your website is the best that it can be as this can define your entire business and can create an even stronger customer base. A website can be an essential key for business growth.


When creating your website, start by asking yourself an initial question; what do you want your website to do? What kind of service are you offering for your customers? Once you have this answer then you can begin to build your website around it.


Design is one of the most crucial elements of the entire website and will determine whether or not a visitor will explore what you have to offer, or click off within the first five minutes. Make your website stand out from the crowd and provide a clean and open design that allows for easy navigation. Remember that your website is your business presenting itself so do so in a professional and straightforward manner…chaos is definitely not the key.



Good quality content can be a massive difference between the success and failure of your website. For any business and the portrayal of professionalism, good quality content is needed and often in large quantities. It can often be easy to get lost in producing a large amount of content but you must ensure that it is well written and of the highest quality. Make sure that there is a purpose to all content and that you are providing something of use and of interest to your visitors…imagine you visited a site that had content of no use and was poorly constructed; how long would it be before you clicked off?



Keep focused on how you structure your entire website. Remember that if your site is confusing and does not provide clear intention as to what is where, then your visitors will click off and in the world of the internet, once someone has clicked off they wont click on again.


The organisation of your site depends on what is being offered by your business but the most common organisational tool for websites will be via sections and sub sections…clear, simple and easy to navigate.


If a visitor finds using your site easy and they are able to find what they are looking for in no time then this reflects well on your business.


Whatever your business, when creating a website always keep these three factors in mind as they will differentiate your website from the ‘good’ pile to the ‘great’: content, design and structure…crack these three and the only way is up!