Ten Years of iTunes

It was ten years ago today that an event would occur that would change the way that the music industry would operate; this event was the launch of iTunes.


iTunes¬†emerged on the 29th of April 2003, at a time when CD’s were still the norm and regulated digital music downloads seemed an unreachable flight of fancy. Fast forward ten years and iTunes has more than conquered this challenge; gone are the days of downloading music from Kazaa and iTunes has grown into a multimedia powerhouse.


To celebrate the anniversary of the first decade of iTunes, we have put together ten interesting facts about what has become the world’s largest music retailer.


  • In its first few months of its US operation, over 10 million songs were downloaded through iTunes
  • Since iTunes was launched, more than 25 billion songs have been sold
  • The user-base of iTunes currently stands as more that 435 million users
  • The most downloaded track hitherto is “I gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas
  • The biggest selling song in the year of iTunes’ lauch was Outkast’s “Hey Ya!”
  • The top selling album through iTunes in the year of its launched was Jack Johnsons “On and On”
  • iTunes music catalogue consists of over 35million songs
  • iTunes is available in more than 119 countries
  • In the first year of iBooks (2010), 100million books were sold through the service
  • The first iTunes silhouette ad (see above) was launched on the 7th October 2003