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Somers Forge

A world force in engineering

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The Brief

To redesign the Somers Forge online marketing experience we wanted to forge a reflection of the large scale, industrial nature of the company. At the same time, create an experience for online visitors to see inside Somers Forge on-site operations.

The Approach

Designing the new responsive website was two-fold requiring an internal photoshoot of Somers Forge on site operations and a web and marketing strategy to ensure Somers Forge’s web presence was inline with their current global market.

The Strategy

Taking advantage of the exceptional images of the workforce using equipment during the manufacturing processes, we decided to adopt parallax scrolling on the site. Furthermore, an online video showcases how services are applied to the construction of ships, submarines and building pillars.

The Photoshoot

With the plant in full swing, and uniforms still free from stains, our photographer captured imagery at the optimum time of a working day. Offering clients a chance to see inside the operational workings of the site through detailed images of the workforce at action, their processes and operating equipment. Enabling clients to connect with Somers Forge on their first online encounter.

Somers Forge are a forging company based in Halesowen, West Midlands. Since their inception in 1866 they have grown to become a “world force in engineering” with a client base that extends internationally into the global market.

The Finished Piece

Following the success of the Somers Forge site, Kalexiko has since been approached by many other forging and manufacturing companies interested in new websites. In an industry inundated by companies with old fashioned, flash sites, we have guided Somers to lead the way in showcasing the benefits of a modern website.

At present, we are working with Somers Forge to develop an SEO strategy to extend their web presence on a grand scale to continue attracting global markets.

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Somers Forge

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