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Kalexiko will help you develop successful online marketing. The shape this takes will depend on many things, including the aims of your organisation, the market you're chasing, the competition and the money available. The marketing mix is always unique for every organisation.

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Simply Sales Acceleration

  • Web Design
  • Rebranding
  • Photography
  • Content Management System
Launch Project

The Brief

Sales-i approached us asking for a complete rebrand of their company and website, we knew the project was going to be large scale whilst ensuring it would be notably unique.

The Goals

Portray a friendly unique and fast growing company while increasing both website traffic and to generate new leads. Ensure every page has clear navigation and call-to actions, Display content within a clean, concise and clutter-free format and Build and engage with an online sales-i community

The Branding

To present sales-i as a fast, modern and award-winning company we rebranded the company logo, website and typography from scratch. We wanted Sales-i to strengthen their household-brand status with new, appreciable and unforgettable branding.

The Colours

In line with our rebranding of sales-i, we wanted to give the brand an identifiable and consistent palette present throughout all the facets of the company’s marketing. The colour palette you see here is universal wherever you see the sales-i brand.

The Photoshoot

The most important asset of a company being its employees, meant bespoke photography was created of the sales-i team. High quality images taken in the UK and American sales-i offices were embedded into the new website to give the client base a greater appreciation for the sales-i teams. Using bespoke images rather than images bought from the web, created a deeper impression on site users, allowing their experience on the website t be much more personal.

The Process

The client's brief required the design of the new sales-i website to be polished and easy to navigate, with eye catching, call-to action buttons, unobtrusive to the eye. When drafting the wire frames for each webpage, simplicity was an ethos of design that we wanted to keep consistent throughout the whole site. The old site suffered from excess peripheral information where users felt repelled to complete any online forms. The new site was mapped out to execute its purpose immaculately; content was spacious and adopted a linear format on each webpage; user friendly with no frills or superfluous features.

The Finished Piece

The sales-i project has produced impressive results and the website itself has been a remarkable success with immense importance on simple user friendly navigation. Informative content is regularly updated by the sales-i team via our simple to use cms. Sales-i now generates around 30,000 visitors a month and has seen a large growth in visitors.

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