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Real FX Racing

A Revolution in R/C Racing

  • Web Design
  • Content Management System
  • Language Support
Launch Project

The Task

The brief was to build a one page site to market Real FX, a new artificial intelligence, slot racing game for both children and adults. The site requires a gaming interface with quick links for navigation to it's key product areas.

The Challenge

To bring the site to life through cars designed in CGI graphics, a 3D style animation. As users scroll down the page, cars rolls in initiating an interactive experience, whilst generating an impact on new audiences to understand and feel the Real FX brand in one glance.

To display all selling features in detail, to increase buying status and how Real FX stands out from current racing car products on the market.

The Approach

The site layout, colours, image and typography were designed to work together to take the audience into the entertainment world of Real FX, unfolding its many gaming features.

We built an all in one comprehensive sales guide, user manual and game review for users to scroll down as an alternative to navigating several complex pages.

The Finished Piece

The website has been marketed through adverts airing on children's channels like Cartoon Network, achieving a 50% increase in online newsletter sign ups. With the site available in French and German translations, Real FX expect to see a significant rise in European market sales, over the months leading up to Christmas.

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Real FX

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