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Kalexiko will help you develop successful online marketing. The shape this takes will depend on many things, including the aims of your organisation, the market you're chasing, the competition and the money available. The marketing mix is always unique for every organisation.

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Prime PLC

Strategic Property Planning

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Strategy
  • Content Management System
Launch Project

The Task

To develop Prime’s online presence, detailed planning was carried out to build a new website compatible with desktop and mobile platforms. One of the key outcomes was for Prime to have full control to upload new content to the site, using a customised content management system.

We wanted to design and build a web marketing experience to promote Prime’s services, simultaneously raising awareness of the company and its activities through outstanding online presence.

The Company

Prime offers a wealth of specialist services. To simplify the website, we worked closely with the client, breaking down the content into the separate areas of work that Prime undertakes. The homepage details each of its key areas of expertise in separate sections, under “What we do” and the user can find out more by clicking on the relevant service.

The Colours

About Us


What We Do


The Colours

The site uses the Prime colour palette to reinforce the brand identity. Accents of blue and teal are used to reflect Prime's core values and are paired with grey text on open white space to ensure clarity.

The Approach

Usability was an important facet of the website design. Users can now cruise through the new site with ease, yet still be able to access alternative pages flexibly through the fixed navigation. A simple click on this allows users to navigate to another page without having to scroll to the very top.

The Finished Piece

Prime is extremely pleased with the new site. Since the redesign and ability to access the site through mobile devices, there has been a significant increase in traffic with a reduction in bounce rate. With improved usability and the addition of compelling content, there has been increased engagement with website users.

We have a long-term business partnership with Prime in which we share new trends, provide full support and continue to further develop the site. By enchancing its SEO, Prime is assured to remain a leader within the industry, through continuous high ranking of organic traffic on Google.

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Prime PLC

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