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Kalexiko will help you develop successful online marketing. The shape this takes will depend on many things, including the aims of your organisation, the market you're chasing, the competition and the money available. The marketing mix is always unique for every organisation.

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The Task

Kalexiko were approached by Pressvine to deliver the entire solution from the application development to the designing the micro-sites. To database cleanse tens of thousands of existing media contacts during the data import, we developed a search tool to remove multiple entries. Users will be able to customise their newsroom to blend in with their current branding and update news articles and press releases. Social media feeds can also feature on the news page too.

The Approach

Focusing on the software development, new functions give Pressvine members access to a microsite and extensive image library. Pressvine software was built to integrate the extensive media contact lists, distribution of content, stakeholder relations and the management of optimised online newsrooms into one central, easy to use platform. Built on an API platform, other software providers can also plug-in seamlessly. The software suite required an intuitive user-experience to ensure every feature was utilised.

The Finished Piece

Since the launch of their new software application, Pressvine have grown rapidly within a highly competitive market. Kalexiko continue to work with the Pressvine team to identify gaps within the market by integrating the app with other systems such as SendGrid, distributing emails and press releases followed by clear reporting statistics.

Pressvine's successes include a strategic partnership with Dutch company PressPage, implementing a “triple S strategy” of sending, searching and sharing news content.

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