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Kalexiko will help you develop successful online marketing. The shape this takes will depend on many things, including the aims of your organisation, the market you're chasing, the competition and the money available. The marketing mix is always unique for every organisation.

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Dolls with a message

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The Task

Momiji approached us to help them extend their online presence to generate more sales for their dolls and wide range of merchandise including stationery and apparel. Their requirements included instant zooms on all products, with rotating images to showcase products.

Other features included a dynamic blog, drop down mini basket, pre-ordering and a function to change the site colour scheme regularly. The new site also required multi-currency transactions and international marketing and distribution.

The Approach

The new site incorporated Momiji's brand values and displayed ranges to their best advantage so users could effortlessly navigate from one doll to another. We ensured text areas were clear with low density.

A fully integrated site management system was developed to handle images taken from photo-shoots of both products and models. We then created the high-quality graphics required to populate the pages. In addition, a key part of the strategy from day one was to build SEO content to increase search engine rankings. When it came to social media, integrated email campaigns and active, live links were used to build loyalty and bring in as many 'like' recommendations as possible.

We also launched email marketing campaigns through newsletters to all Momiji's members, building traffic to the website, whilst generating detailed reports on click throughs.

The Finished Piece

Enjoying a rapidly growing and loyal international customer base, the email marketing campaigns and new 'friend-finder' social media engagement, generated over 50% more traffic, increasing sales to nearly over double.

Further building on Momiji's reputation worldwide, a new online store for the brand in Australia and Canada also went live shortly after the main site.

Together, Momiji and Kalexiko delivered outstanding results. Our optimisation and email marketing campaigns built up traffic to the site, which gained more conversion of sales, through clear, uncluttered text, exceptional image features, instant page loads, and effortless searching and buying.

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