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Kalexiko will help you develop successful online marketing. The shape this takes will depend on many things, including the aims of your organisation, the market you're chasing, the competition and the money available. The marketing mix is always unique for every organisation.

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The Task

Our aim was to create an uplifting user experience for tenants, landlords, buyers, sellers and agents. In designing a website with full integration into all major property portals, we needed to build a full scale solution to improve performance levels. The new site demanded logical navigation, the latest features as well as progressive SEO and social media tools all locked in. Franchisees needed to be able to manage properties, reports, content, users, feeds, news and contract information..

The Approach

Gathering research on gaps within the UK property market and using information from regular steering groups, we built a modern website with a rapid search functionality to enable users to find their exact search criteria. Property-search technology uses interactive mapping to show users the properties close proximity to key destinations. User friendly enquiry forms were developed to increase leads and instant-load pages displayed properties using a clear layout format.

Visitors are now guided smoothly through clear, well-structured pages through an effortless search feature. Even content-rich pages are uncluttered, thanks to clever layout and use of colour combined with white space, headings and links that together promote a very positive experience.

Martin & Co PLC, the largest franchise property business in the UK, required an engaging website with parallel CMS to incorporate over 200 national franchisees into one portal.

The Finished Piece

The new online presence won Martin & Co the national 'Franchisor of the Year' award. It also saw the website attracting 500,000 unique visitors each month with tenant, landlord and student registrations increasing rapidly.

The sites powerful back office currently supports 200+ agencies through seamless, robust and diverse functionality. The new portal showcases Martin & Co’s new sales monthly subscription service, projected to cut sellers costs by 90 percent compared with the traditional commission-based charges.

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