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Creative England

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  • Web Design
  • Content Management System
  • CRM Application
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The Task

Due to the fact their old CRM System wasn’t web based, Creative England were really feeling the limitations of the applications. Our intuition led us to deciding that we needed to build a whole new web-based CRM application to replace their current grant management system. This would allow all staff ubiquitous access to the system, anytime and anywhere.

Secondly, we wanted to bring their website right to the forefront of creative and practical web design. This meant developing a completely new responsive website powered by one system. This would mean that users would be able to access a fast and exciting website adapted to whatever technology they accessed it from.

The Challenge

Needless to say a large project like this would come with its own set of challenges to overcome. Creative England is a national organisation that relies heavily on accurate reporting over all the types of requests that are sent to the company. This meant that a lot of information was getting convoluted within an old system, making it extremely difficult to maintain accurate reportage. The new CRM system had to overcome this issue, catering for all types of requests and maintaining accuracy; from grant applications to website content to events management; the new CRM had to encompass all in an efficient and universally accessible way.

The next big challenge lay in the creation of Creative England’s new website. Creative England’s old website contained a huge amount of content that was extremely difficult to locate. We wanted to ensure that users of the new website wouldn't experience this issue and that they wouldn't need to trawl through lots of old content to get to content that was new and relevant to them.

On top of that Creative England’s branding and stunning imagery across their website had to be prominent. This led to the challenge, we had to encompass myriad content, prominent branding and a new wave of exciting imagery all into one fully responsive site.

  • About Us
  • Films
  • Services
  • Games
  • Business
  • News & Stories
  • Events
  • Resources

The Approach

Throughout the project we worked with Creative England at close quarters to ensure that every step of the way their vision was fulfilled and backed up by our own creative prowess.

To ensure that all website content avoided convolution and accessible we divided the content into stories using tags to filter content appropriately. To keep the content looking great and divided each sector was colour coded into sections that relished Creative England’s brand colours but were still easily distinguishable.

We carefully devised the navigation structure so users could navigate efficiently. This was done through using a grid layout to lay out each sector with a “load more” button allowing users to render content with just one click.We also used combination of photography, typography and iconography for the banners as this would keep the content engaging and provide a user an enticing scope into the areas of Creative England’s work.

We built Creative England’s new CRM was built completely bespoke to ensure that it was scalable, and efficient. Due to the fact that Creative England manage thousands of contacts on top of new ones daily, we created a system that would save administrators time creating new funding applications as well as ensuring that all the contacts, applicants and companies were imported seamlessly.

The Finished Piece

The feedback we received from Creative England and its Board has been extremely positive. We have already received a plan of action for phase 2 and we are currently studying how users engage with the site on a daily basis.

The website currently boasts 30,000 unique sessions a month and 20% of this figure are from mobile technologies such as phones and tablets; proving the vitality of the responsive website.

Already, over 5 million pounds of funding has been put through the CRM application and we are working with Creative England to continuously improve and enhance the platform.

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