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  • Web Design
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  • Illustration
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The Task

The main issue Clearabee faced was the customer's uncertainty around their service, where they found the concept of rubbish removal by a van confusing. Secondly Clearabee’s Organic SEO was failing to reach potential clients, in a competitive industry where skips were the popular choice for rubbish removal.

The website needed to sell the benefits of using Clearabee's services. Clearabee required a brand new appearance inline with the company’s persona and ethos, through a welcoming website providing exceptional user experience.

The Approach

Through frequent client discussions, brainstorming workshops and problem-solving, Clearabee's new website was created using custom illustrations for conversion into a bold animation to demonstrate Clearabee's simple rubbish collection process. The user is taken on a visual journey showing what Clearabee has to offer them. The fixed navigation bar paired with clear call-to-actions navigate the user through the website easily wherever they are in a page.

The pricing page is simple to follow and clearly defines how big a cubic yard is. Clients are able to request a quote through an unobtrusive form, accessed from any page and featuring a drag and drop function for users to attach an image of their junk too.

Clearabee's purple brand consistently flows throughout the website creating instant client familiarity and to increase search engine rankings on the new website, our copywriters composed unique copy for all the web pages.

The Finished Piece

The new website is an impressive feature, reflecting the Clearabee's unique services. The simple design concept informs clients, increasing their awareness on how Clearabee's services are beneficial to them.

With rubbish removal services operating throughout West Midlands, the North of England and the South West, Clearabee now ranks on page one for highly-competitive industry-relative searches such as; Page one for very competitive keywords like; rubbish removal, skip hire London and skip hire Birmingham.

Furthermore, to ensure the website performed well with Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm, we made the website as fast as Google rank site-speed; one of the most important factors in determining how a site ranks in searches.

It doesn’t stop here; we're now working on developing the site further so it's mobile friendly and looking to build a sophisticated online booking system with Clearabee.

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