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Byte My Tech

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  • Web Design
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  • UI/UX Design
  • Strategy
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The Task

ByteMyTech, a new release in the technology world, wanted a bold site to market their latest gadgets for home security and leisure, from camera drones to smart smoke alarms and CCTV. Their new site required a premium high specification Content Management system, that could integrate with their current finance system Sage 50.

The Challenge

To implement an effective online sales strategy promising results without a salesman.

To ensure the user receives a high quality user experience through their chosen browser, with a guaranteed full width display.

Encouraging visitors, new and old to create and register an account with ByteMyTech to enhance their future visit experiences. Initially, engaging new users to click the heart icon next to an item of interest, adding it to their wish list. Further encouraging existing customers to leave reviews and ratings for their recently purchased items.

The Approach

ByteMyTech's Content Management System was designed to give them full control over their entire homepage grid. As a valuable marketing asset, their Sales team have the capacity to choose which products to highlight and push to sell, by making blocks larger, higher or in a particular order.

The CMS design includes creation of 'value for money' bundle choices, giving consumers the option to buy products that complement each other together in one sale.

Additional features enable discount codes and customer returns, as well one-click product imports, supplier lists and stock sources.

Site integration with their existing Sage 50 CRM system, ensures complete reconciliation of purchase order numbers migrated from the CMS.

Users are prompted to register and create an account when they click the heart icon next to an item of interest to add it to their wish list. Wish lists are only accessible via a registered account. Existing customers are encouraged to leave reviews and ratings for recently purchased items.

The Finished Piece

The new website is a responsive, image driven ecommerce site featuring fast optimised performance that runs on a cloud server. It revolutionises the way online consumers purchase life changing gadgets for their homes.

With outstanding feedback since the site launch, performance shows a high usability rate and excellent engagement with the site, where users are finding the products they want, quickly by accessing the categories and drop down menu functions.

With the potential to become a major market lead in the competitive industry of niche products, the brand's current digital marketing campaign is increasing their exposure on social media presence through competitions, as well as push marketing through blog articles to bring products to life and influence sales.

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