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Online Doctor & Pharmacy Ecommerce Platform

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The Brief

MyMedsUK is an online platform providing an online prescription service for patients requiring medication. MyMedsUK aim to reduce patient wait times experienced in the traditional model of receiving treatment, by offering an online doctor consultation, doctor prescription and pharmacy dispensing service.

The Challenge

MyMedsUK required an eCommerce platform that allowed patients to securely purchase medication. Further to this, purchases made needed to be approved by a network of doctors and pharmacists. The stringent data checks and the mission-critical flow of data needed meant that the system was subjected to high levels of scrutiny from multiple user groups that used the data simultaneously. The system need meticulous care throughout design, development and continual aftercare.


Our Approach

Kalexiko’s eCommerce platform was implemented as a base to ensure all traditional eCommerce features were stable, tried and tested. Features such as managing page content, product categories, products, product variations, orders, payments and customers were introduced. Since the online consultation allowed patient orders to be declined by a doctor, a two-step payment solution was implemented to ensure payment cards were pre-authorised initially and funds only captured once the outcome of the online consultation meant orders were approved. Controlled access was provided for doctors and pharmacists ensuring their roles granted them permissions to perform their duties whilst ensuring data integrity was maintained throughout the patient order journey. A third party signing service was integrated with using their API ensuring all online prescriptions were physically electronically signed off by a doctor producing a legal medical prescription. DPD, Royal Mail and Stuart delivery services were integrated with using their respective APIs ensuring data for parcels was synchronised, shipping labels generated and orders tracked in real-time.

The Finished Piece

The platform has been successfully rolled out seeing a large volume of daily orders. Patient order turnaround times have be dramatically reduced allowing patients to be consulted and prescribed medication in a fraction of the time. Furthermore, patients with chronic illnesses are able to receive treatment whereas there may be no other physical means possible. MyMedsUK continue to grow and develop their range of services ensuring patient care is the best it can be.