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Made In The Midlands

Digitally showcasing the manufacturing industry network

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The Brief

Made in the Midlands (MITM) wanted a refreshed website to encourage more manufacturing companies based in the Midlands to join their network, whilst providing a modern stage for their existing members to market their company’s contribution to the UK. The website would outline membership benefits and opportunities in a visibly concise way. With a significant emphasis on recent news activities and future exhibitions, event news would also be distributed in a weekly newsletter.

The Challenge

To keep MITM current with the latest trends, it was key to design a clean levelled site that no longer consisted of the existing outdated gradients and shadows.

The site needed to reflect each one of its existing members individually, whilst encouraging them to market themselves on the platform. The new member area needed a simple CMS wizard that would continuously allow members to seamlessly update their micro-sites and profiles.

With a large number of existing users already familiar with the previous website, the new site had to be redesigned smartly without extreme changes, that would deter members of the manufacturing industry.


Our Approach

The new site was designed within a grid layout to present a snapshot of the range of services Made In The Midlands offer. We had to ensure events, searching for members and sign-up was instantly visible.

An outstanding feature of the site showcases each member within their own personalised micro-site which they fully manage instantly through our effortless editor.

We introduced a ‘profile strength’ so members can visualise how strong their micro-sites and profiles are and where there’s room for improvement. The weekly digest newsletter is integrated with MailGun and is automatically populated with news and blog articles added by members.

The Finished Piece

With new companies registering each month on the website, Made had already branched out to Yorkshire and London.

The framework is in place for it to further boom with its growing database of businesses, mutually benefitting one another with heightened awareness through their profiles. New event information is readily marketed through the site and newsletters, creating extra opportunities for each individual organisation.