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Ivor King

Rich Heritage & Grounded History Showcased Online

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The Brief

Founded in 1974, Ivor King are a family-run business, specialising in piling solutions. Their new web presence paired with refreshed branding, proudly showcases their clientele and projects. On an interactive scale, the homepage is synchronised with all the latest updates from their social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It has never been so easy to increase followers directly from the homepage, so users can stay up to date with the latest developments.

The Challenge

Sheet and bored piling, often perceived as one of the least exciting industries on the horizon of construction, caters for a well-defined and specific target audience. Ivor King presented Kalexiko with the challenge of creating a website depicting sheet piling in a more inviting light. Ivor King already owned pages of resilient content. The new website needed to work around the existing content to ensure optimum flow for the user’s journey.

As a family-run business, Ivor King wanted to stress the importance of people and the team that worked behind the scenes.


Our Approach

The new website successfully adopted a unique design focussing on the team behind the scenes. Their About Us section is divided into several prominent sections to include Our Heritage, Our Company Standards and Meet The Team. The existing content was uploaded into a CMS built in WordPress. Due to the large number of images and content present within the site, the website was optimised for speed efficiency and fast loading.

Kalexiko implemented Google Map Integration to enable users to visualise case studies across the UK.

The Finished Piece

The new website is extremely easy to navigate; users can instantly find what they are looking for using the grouped sections. As soon as the new website went live, Kalexiko initiated Ivor King’s organic SEO campaign to increase search ranking results. Since the start of the campaign, the new site has seen a significant number of unique visitors grow daily.

Social media competitions have also attracted an abundance of traffic and impressions to raise brand awareness and conversions of business queries. Ivor King’s online presence and modern marketing tool to generate new leads is now a complete contrast of the original outdated website which had no clear-cut purpose.