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Filler World

Targeting the global cosmetic market for a leading dermal filler store

  • Biddable Media
  • eCommerce
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Web Design

The Brief

Filler World initially approached us to build an eCommerce website for their target audience of ageing women and medical professionals to purchase dermal fillers and cosmetic products online. The store needed to be responsive to women (and men) across all time zones, purchasing their fix of filler treatments before the existing results start to show their real age! The design of their logo branding in parallel with their website achieved a wrinkle-free, cohesive identity placing them at the forefront of their industry.

Utilising colour palettes and images appealing to individuals conscious of how they look, enticing their purchasing powers in a store they can trust for authenticity. We worked closely with the Filler World team to ensure all objectives were smoothly met, the most important being a flawless user journey from entrance to checkout.

The Challenge

For the site to rank well on Google with volumising results, the copy for all products had to be unique. Our SEO team worked on every product, category and brand like needlework, to ensure it was fully compliant with Google’s guidelines without any blemishes. Certain products like Botulinums can only be purchased by licensed medical practitioners so we set up access to specific products, for users with verified accounts only.


Our Approach

Attention to detail does not go amiss in this industry and product images needed to be of the highest quality. With the current images showing imperfections, we photographed thousands of product images consistent in position, lighting and shadow. Following a final post treatment touch-up, including Filler World’s own logo to ensure copyright protection. No-one likes imitations of their brand; every individual wants to look their unique best in this industry!

The Finished Piece

Weekly newsletters showcasing new products and offers are sent to a large mailing list, managed by our in-house team who also compose compelling blog articles for inclusion.

A skilled team working on best practices including contextual linking and other unique methods, resulting in a 500% traffic increase in organic traffic within 12 months.