Our 5 favourite iOS 7 app redesigns

The launch of Apple’s iOS 7 has caused a stir throughout the world of digital tech, dividing enthusiasts and cynics with a mixed chorus of ‘ums and ahs’. Though this is something that Apple should be used to by now. iOS 7, like many Apple updates, has received applause and a battering from users. One thing that can’t be denied though is that iOS 7 has redefined the way apps are designed for mobile users.


One of the most significant changes that you may have noticed with iOS 7 is the new flat design interface. It was really only a matter of time before skeuomorphism was eradicated from Apple’s mobile devices and many apps have been updated to take advantage of this.


This means that many apps have turned their back on the concept that things on digital devices should mimic the real world and have opted for more colourful, flat and less busy looking interfaces that allows a whole host of new features to be implemented.


Some of the biggest names in the digital industry have jumped on the flat design boat and redesigned their apps to take advantage of the flat design capabilities of iOS 7, and here at Kalexiko, we thought we would take a look and some of them.



Facebook always seem to be at the forefront of redesigning to suit new mobile updates, and the iOS 7 app is no exception. The new Facebook app removes the infinite scroll in the previous app and instead features a row of never-moving icons to the bottom of the screen thus making it easier to navigate between items such as News Feed, Requests, Messages, Notifications, and ‘More.’


Another effect of the update appears to be that friend requests, messages and notifications are easier to access as the are closer to your thumb- thanks to the added menu structure at the bottom of the page which allows you to go pretty much anywhere on the app with ease.


This also means that the top bar is now cleaner, which has also been subject to redesign. As you may have noticed, one of the new iOS 7 updates is a translucent effect on the top bar that changes state, depending on where you are in the app.



Yahoo’s iOS 7 app is much more cleaner than its predecessor, especially the news stream which is much more scannable. Also included is a big photo which is sometimes animated, depending on the article.


The majority of the app’s update seems to be focused around the news portion, which includes many features, such as a new ‘my saves’ feature, which allows you to bookmark your favourite stories for easy revisitation. As well as this, a ‘breaking news’ notification has been introduced. Every piece of breaking news has its own page, which is presented in a timetable of events for those who are just ‘tuning in’.



Evernote have also made everything a bit more clean and accessible. Now you can access all the aspects of your Evernote app from one single screen. If you click on your notes section, you will immediately be shown two of your latest notes in case you quickly want to access them. Otherwise, you can create a new note, take a picture, make a task list and more.


Evernote have really tried to do away with unnecessary features with their iOS 7 update and you can really feel it. Everything is much more accessible and easier to get to and the app on a whole feels a lot lighter.



Pandora has added a whole load of new features that enhance the service on iOS 7. Hitting the button to help diversify a custom radio station now gives you a list of suggested artists and it is now much easier to share, rename and further customise your stations from within the app; as well as information about the artist currently playing being displayed.


Possibly the biggest addition to the app is the new profile feed, which shows a listener’s activity while using the app. Things such as preferences, custom radio stations created, bookmarked tracks and many more features are shown.


On the other hand, if you aren’t really feeling all that sociable, then you can set your feed to private, meaning that no one can see those embarrassing choices you are listening to.



The Twitter app demonstrates taking advantage of iOS 7 fully. One feature in particular is a new Shared Links section in Safari that displays links that those that you follow have recently tweeted. This allows you to see popular and trending links from those that you follow, without even opening the app.


Also, Apple have included the Twitter #music station in iOS 7’s music app; though it is only available in America at the moment until Apple sorts out the digital rights in other countries. Finally, and of course, Siri can search Twitter to help you find current information on people or topics that you are interested in.


It’s still early days

Though it’s still only early days for iOS 7, you can already see how many major companies are taking advantage of the features that iOS 7 has to offer. It’s going to be really exciting to see how many of the other big guns who are yet to take the leap into iOS 7 redesign will adapt their apps to take full advantage of the operating system; watch this space, some exciting updates are coming your way.