Our 10K run for Teach First – sponsor us!

On the 29th of September, in Birmingham’s Sutton Park, Kalexiko ran the 10K Run challenge to raise money for the charity Teach First.

That’s right, at 11AM on a brisk end of Summer’s morning, Kalexiko’s Chan ran the impressive distance to raise money for Teach First, and as you can see from the photos, it was no walk in the park.


Teach First are a great charity, with a great cause. Their goal is to ensure that every child receives a great education, helping them overcome any disadvantages which may hold them back; so we are sure that you will agree that it is a great cause to get behind!

In fact, we are not the only ones who believe in Teach First’s message, more than 2,200 runners took part in the race in Birmingham and London, all raising money to ensure that every single child has access to a brilliant education.


Though the race is over in one sense, it still continues in another. The charity are always working to meet their cause, and fundraising is still coming in.

If you would like to pledge for this amazing cause, you still can. Just follow the link through to Chan’s fundraising page and any donations will be quickly processed and passed to the charities.

Teach First and Kalexiko appreciate any donations that are made, regardless of their size. This is a great cause to donate to and every child should be given access to an education that allows them to develop without any setbacks.


Thank you.