Make your studio awesome.

Creative thinking happens in creative spaces. Your team is more likely to come up with fantastic ideas if they’re working in an environment which is stimulating, fun and a bit out of the ordinary. Making the office into a more creative place doesn’t have to involve a complete re-design, just a few small touches could help everyone to feel that little bit more inspired. Here are our favourite gadgets and gizmos for a creative studio.


The Useful

DrinkKlip Cup Holder. Handy and the cheery colours will liven up every cup of coffee!


Ultra Compact Foldable Keyboard. We love things that fold away.



Grass Charging Station. Bring a bit of nature into the office.


Idea Paint. Has there ever been a product with a better name? Helps you to get creative all over the office, literally


The Fun

Pick Your Nose Cups. Everyone needs a laugh now and then.


Space Invaders Re-Stik. Wall decals are great. Wall decals with retro games on are brilliant.


Play More Note Pad. Finally an excuse to play football/basketball/tennis around our desks. Not that we needed one.


Office Bowling Cardboard Set. Just Fun.


The Downright Awesome

USB Typewriter. Imagine your whole office typing away on these ‘pretty cool huh’


Ostrich Pocket Pillow for Nap. Afternoon naps are good for you.


Tetris Sugar. Sugar might be bad for you but these are too fun not to drop into your tea.


Apple Calendar. An apple a day?


24 Hour Sentence Maker Wall Clock. Makes clock-watching a creative exercise!