Lee’s everyday and favourite mac apps

Mac app round-ups are pretty common across the internet, however the problem with most of them is that they aren’t written by people who actually use them on a daily basis. Therefore I have compiled a short list of applications and services that I rely on day to day to produce web applications that just work.


Terminal is the bread and butter application for any developer, whether you use it navigate your remote servers or to automate local tasks.


Sublime Text 2

Although sublime is currently in beta it stands up against all of its more mature brothers. Sublime has an incredible plugin system which makes sublime one of the most flexible editors available.


Adobe Fireworks

Although many designers / developers tend to use Photoshop, I personally find Fireworks better suited to the design of web applications.


Apple Mail 5

A pretty obvious choice, Apple Mail in lion is simply fantastic, full screen mode allows for distraction free communication.



At Kalexiko we believe in great communication both internally and with clients – thats why we use Basecamp



Tower is a simply stunning GIT GUI application, as an added bonus it integrates well with Beanstalk.


Beanstalk App

A relatively new addition to the Kalexiko toolset – Beanstalk keeps all of our sourcecode safe and allows us to deploy changes fast and safely.



A good FTP client is a must for any developer, Transmit offers a whole host of features which place it head an shoulders above its competitors.


Google Chrome

What good is making stunning web applications without a stunning browser to view them in? Google Chrome offers an unparalleled browsing experience.



For all those times you need to get your head down and focus, Spotify opens up the wide world of music.