Land Rover Invite Kalexiko for the Ultimate Off-Road Experience

As a proud partner of Made In The Midlands, Kalexiko have met several suppliers of Jaguar Land Rover at nationwide events and exhibitions. We believe it’s important to support local manufacturing and production, by investing in British brands to strengthen our internal economy.


With most cars and four wheel drives manufactured overseas, Jaguar Land Rover is still a true slice of award winning British engineering. A robust brand driven worldwide, which employs 18,000 people to manufacture its cars in the UK.


So as a team building day, we thought what could be a greater experience than driving up and down rough terrain mountains in Eastnor in a fully-loaded Land Rover Sport, exactly as done by Richard Hammond on Top Gear.


The pheasant-lined, narrow country lanes welcomed us to a tranquil and secluded backdrop of Georgian buildings. A sign that we had left the flat horizontal roads of the busy city miles behind. Undeniably this peaceful illusion was hiding a secret experience that would surely be more thrilling than anything we have experienced even on the busiest peak hour routes of the Aston Expressway and M6.


Our adrenaline kicked in as soon as we arrived outside The Bothy, alongside the other white Land Rovers. Our full day experience started with a welcome greeting and refreshments, followed by a briefing on how Land Rover’s operate and a risk assessment observation.


Before we knew it, we were each sitting in the driver’s seat, taking turns to man the steering wheel and operate the Go Pro, whilst we drove off-road and let Land Rover’s Descent Control take us down some of the most steepest exhilarating hills we’ve ever descended.

Vehicle control management whilst assessing the current environment you happen to end up in, makes it a comfortable ride even when your driving through a stream.


What surprised us most was how well Land Rover have built the car. It’s capability to drive through lakes, mud and deep forests is something we wouldn’t comprehend in this car in normal daily driving.


These experiences truly prepare you for the worst scenarios of steep terrain in real life. Having completed a similar off road driving experience at Silverstone 2 years ago, you are filled with enormous courage to manoeuvre a vehicle in the most dramatic of situations. Namely, a three point turn with the appropriate in-car functions on a declining footpath in the middle of Staffordshire.