Kalexiko Went Crackers This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we decided that we wanted to give our clientèle something a little bit unique this Christmas; something that evaded the mundane Christmas archetype, didn’t bark and wouldn’t itch when worn.


Though you may think that all of us here at Kalexiko HQ are all celestial creative geniuses, who sit up high on our equivalent Mount Parnassus, drinking ambrosia all day and effortlessly plucking certain-to-be-successful notions out of a cerebral wind; the truth is, well we are, and we do, but we occasionally have our moments that almost make us feel like normal human-beings.


Christmas 2012 was shaping out to be one of those times…

Like many people in the looming weeks before Christmas, we had a list of recipients but no gifts; coupled with the fact that we knew that we wouldn’t exactly be in Santa Claus’s good books this year; we knew we needed to come up with a gift idea that would epitomise traditional Christmas spirit, without that wasn’t typical, dull or mawkishly sentimental and it wouldn’t itch when worn.


A late one at the workshop…

With the workshop open late, an intense brainstorm session was under-way, which went to the tune of ;


‘We could send everyone an MP3 of carol singers?’-


“A bit too corny”-


‘We could send everyone Kalexiko keyrings?’-


‘Not festive enough’-


‘Ok, what about Christmas cards?’-


‘Not very green is it? But maybe e-cards?’-


‘Not original or personal enough?’-


‘Wait! AHA!’-


That was it; the proverbial light-bulb lit up and a concept was born.


Yes, a Christmas card would be a traditional solution but just not practical on a number of levels; an e-card would solve the issues of practicality, but it just wasn’t original or eco-friendly enough.


Pulling the Christmas Cracker

It was a perfect scheme; we could send our clientèle a Christmas Campaign filled with festive cheer, joy and joviality.


From an agency point-of-view it was perfect idea. It would be the perfect opportunity to spread Christmas cheer to all of our clients in a way unique to the Kalexiko team as well as being able to ensconce the Christmas spirit with Kalexiko originality.


With the concept of the Christmas Cracker Campaign established, the next issue we faced was what to include in it. We wanted something to create something that connected us with our customers on a more intimate level.


Well, what can be a more intimate way to connect with customers than to come down from our Mount Parnassus and expose ourselves our humble human form?


At Kalexiko we strictly believe that our integrity as a team lies in our innovative approach and our incorporation of multiple platforms to express our creativity and originality.


Being original involves being ahead of the times; to either invent or re-invent what already exists in a way subjective and unique to the individual but in a way that can embrace connectivity on a wider scale.


So, originality wasn’t the issue; at Kalexiko our idiosyncrasies alone make us stand apart from the crowd. We needed something current and universal that could connect our personalities and how we work with our client base.


Inside the workshop…

Instagram has become the Kalexiko team’s favourite way of documenting moments of hilarity, picturesque beauty and pretty much anything else worth pointing a camera at. Moreover if offers a glimpse of reality with an individual creative twist.


So we thought about implementing it into our Christmas Crackers campaign, showing our clients who we were, how we work; our vices, our virtues, our intellectual turn of wit and so on.


It also was an opportunity to break down barriers between ourselves and our clientèle connect with us regularly and we really do love it, so we wanted to connect back; as people for the people.


So that was it, a year of stalking the studio with a camera-phone was now justified! We compiled the best moments of hilarity, hard-work and sometimes just downright peculiarity of 2012 and collected them together for the Kalexiko Christmas Cracker campaign.


The finished product depicted us all at the office in our moments that makes us who we are; we wanted to show our clients how our creative process works, the moments that tickle us and our humility as people- we love to laugh at ourselves!


And finally?

At Kalexiko, it is our ethos that we provide innovation and inspiration. This is the foundation for every project we work on. Our Christmas Cracker campaign was designed to do this, to break the mould of completely severe and stiff-lipped advertising campaigns and give our clients something personal this Christmas.


So please let us know if you did chuckle at our ‘Christmas Crackers’ and all of us here at Kalexiko HQ wish you all a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.