Kalexiko case study: The sales-i website

In short, sales-i is the fastest growing sales and customer intelligence service in the UK and America. It is designed to fulfill the needs of busy, frontline and desk-based sales-people in all manners of business sizes and spanning a variety of industries; it is ranked among thousands of household names in office products, building supplies and automotive industries with a sizeable market share. When sales-i approached us asking for us to re-design and re-brand their website we knew that this was going to be a big and exciting project for us.


The old sales-i Website

The issue sales-i faced was that their company was growing alarmingly quick; sales-i had scooped awards (such as an ICT Recognition Award), their team was expanding and becoming recognised, they had become the first business intelligence company to have an app on the iTunes store; they had gone global. Unfortunately their website didn’t represent a fast growing, exciting company; rather it was encumbered with clutter, dated and difficult to navigate. So sales-i partnered with Kalexiko to make their digital dreams a reality.


The Brief

At Kalexiko, we have worked with a number of clients wanting to re-brand and redesign their websites to cater for growing customer bases and for catching new clients. Generating custom is the goal of all businesses essentially, and we know that meticulous planning and tactically executed website design is key for this. However, we also understand that a company website is a very personal facet of a company; to establish a unity of these points we began with an initial briefing to decide how the website re-branding could meet these requirements.


We received our project brief from Natalie (sales-i marketing manager). The overall goals that were to be met from the website and re-branding were;

  • To portray a friendly, unique and fast growing company
  • Increase both website traffic and to generate new leads
  • Ensure every webpage has clear navigation and call-to actions
  • Content needs to be displayed within a clean, concise and clutter-free format
  • To build and engage with an online sales-i community

As well as these goals, we also discussed websites that influenced the sales-i team, their competitors and what their website should say about them as a business.


Redesigning the logo

A logo is the most important part of a brand’s identity, so this is where we began. We wanted to create a logo for sales-i that was adaptable and would command recognition. We toyed around with a number of concepts, all including the sales-i ‘eye’ logo and the brand name. For a few of the concepts we included borders and typographical variations of the ‘sell smart’ slogan. What we had to bear in mind was the future placement of the logo. Not only would it be visible on the sales-i website, but it also would be featured on the mobile version of the site as well as promotional and sponsorship purposes (for example the sales-i logo can be seen embellishing a number of racing events).


Considering all of the possible applications of the logo we eventually settled on a design that we and the sales-i team thought to be the most effective; then after a number of re-designs we concluded on the final logo design that can now be seen wherever you see sales-i. The finalogo design is contemporary and stylish; the combination of Century Gothic and Helvetica Neue gives an essence of stylish minimalism and modern design; stapling the brand as both current and unique.


The Brand Bible

As well designing the logo we also provided a ‘Brand Bible’. This booklet contained guidelines on how the logo should be applied correctly to ensure that the sales-i’s branding was always consistent. Also provided was the specifications of the font and colouring.


It is vital that when designing a logo for a company that they feel that it belongs to their corporation. By producing a “Brand Bible” we are demonstrating to our clients the uses and specifications of their logo and ensuring that they understand it; otherwise how could a company benefit from having a logo and a re-branding that they don’t understand and cannot apply effectively.


At Kalexiko, we take pride in our successful marketing of brands. Our tactical implementation of insightful design and foresight ensures that companies we help to re-brand are given successful long term solutions and our ‘Brand Bible’ ensures that these goals are met efficiently and unprofessionally.


Wire frames

Once the logo design was finalised, we then began drawing up design concepts for the website. While we were designing we had to ensure that we referred back to the requirements stated in the initial briefing. The website had to be clean and simple; thus allowing easy navigation from page to page,so no clutter. Clear call-to actions were also vital, so emphasis had to be placed upon action buttons so that they were clear but not obtrusive to the eye. Building an online sales-i community was another issue that we faced, therefore we had to devise a form system that was simplistic and un-intimidating so that users would want to engage with it.


We began drafting wire frames with designs that placed emphasis on these important features. To ensure that the website content was spacious and easily accessible a more linear format was adopted for each webpage; that way content could be laid out on the site with a sense of organisation, flow, ease of vision and user-friendly; no frills or superfluous features, just simple navigation and ease of use.


When drafting the wire frames for each webpage, simplicity was an ethos of design that we wanted to keep consistent throughout the whole site. The old site suffered from a burden of over-stuffing of information, therefore creating a confusing ensemble that wasn’t pleasant on the eye. Hitherto, this had repelled users from wanting to fill in any of the online forms, navigate the site and even worse, drove them from the site completely. So keeping in mind the follies of the old site; the sales-i ethos and the list of inspirational websites we mapped out a simple, clean and vibrant site that didn’t gloss over over embellishments. It would execute its purpose immaculately and still look sleek.


Design & Execution

When designing the sales-i website it was key that ease of usage was considered for both the the sales-i team and for a visitor of the website. Now that we had the wire frames and the mapping of the site in place, we had to ensure that its creation fulfilled the requirements highlighted in the brief. As well as making the website visually appealing, we wanted to make sure there were elements in there that provided pleasant user interactivity. For example, call-to action buttons that allowed swift navigation between pages; take for example the journey from the ‘home page to ‘requesting a demo’. To navigate from these two points all that is required is one click of the ‘request a demo’ call-to action button at the top of the page, then you are greeted with a form that is simple and easy to fill in containing all the information that a user needs. Likewise a fixed toolbar was included to ensure the user could always navigate easily to other pages regardless of where on the website they were.


Another feature that enhanced user activity was the inclusion of images that would pop-up or drop down; for example the images featured on sales-i history infographic. Little touches like these meant that while the site maintained its clean and minimalistic visual qualities it still had fun little inclusions to keep a user piqued along the way.


When designing the site it was important to consider the inclusion of a CMS system that adhered to the brief. Again, this feature had to be simple, easy to use and unsuperfluous in features. The CMS was designed for ease of content upload and management, but to also allow complete freedom of control and customisation. Four modules were created for effective categorisation of content upload; BlogCase Studies, Partners and News. While this simplified the process of uploading content, the freedom to customise the text as wished was included so uploads could benefit from more customised typography and image placement; ensuring that sales-i could maintain a creative flair unique to their company. Furthermore, sales-i’s control over their own content meant that they could gather an online following and establish the sales-i community that they were aiming towards.


While we were embarking on the design of the website we maintained weekly contact with Natalie to ensure that the project was progressing in a direction that pleased the sales-i team. Regular website tests were carried out to ensure that functions were operating as intended and that any issues were resolved. At Kalexiko we believe that this is a vital ingredient for a successful project; maintaining close contact with a client ensures that requirements are met fully and a relationship is built that lasts longer than the project handover date.


A final feature we felt we should include in the design of the sales-i website was a custom photoshoot. A real sign of a unique company is their team. We felt that the sales-i team should have bespoke photography on their website to show their client base who they were and how they operated; which was particularly important when trying to build an online sales-i community. So we organised a photoshoot in both the UK and the American sales-i offices so the world could get to know the team behind sales-i a bit more personally. As well as lowering barriers between clientele and company, using bespoke photography also makes a website look far more professional than stock photography.


The Results

As you can see the sales-i project has produced fantastic results. It is one of the favourite projects we have worked on here at Kalexiko. The website itself has been a success, it looks stunning and fulfils the requirements that were stated in the initial brief; it’s simple to navigate, friendly, sophisticated and most importantly it represents a growing company. Not to be overlooked is the website in operation; regular updates from the team at sales-i ensure that the content is up to date and informative. These improvements while not only looking stunning, they have also increased visitors to the website; sales-i now generates around 10,000 visitors a month and has seen a large growth in visitors. Ongoing plans with sales-i are also in the pipeline. We plan to work on improving their SEO strategy in the near future, so you can be sure that you will hear more from Kalexiko’s work with sales-i soon.