Kalexiko at Made in the Midlands

The Midlands has always been the nucleus of the UK’s manufacturing industry. Some of the world’s most revolutionary names in engineering and manufacturing had their seed planted in the heart of Great Britain, and have grown into companies that have changed the world. To celebrate the Midland’s impressive manufacturing industry, Made in the Midlands put on its biggest event of the year, and Kalexiko went along to get a first hand view of all the essential gears and cogs that keep the Midlands manufacturing.


As we are from the Midlands ourselves we believe in encouraging the growth of its manufacturing industry, as well as celebrating its rich past. Made in the Midlands held its largest event of the year on the 2nd of May at the Wolverhampton Racecourse; an impressive ensemble of more than seventy exhibitors gathered to show their companies and to celebrate the importance of the manufacturing industry in the Midlands.


We developed a new Made in the Midlands website and networking platform that would allow manufacturing and engineering companies across the Midlands to connect, buy and sell. As well as that, we made them a website that served as platform to share news and information about the thriving Midlands manufacturing industry.


The event was a huge success with many big names appearing for the event, including; Lloyds TSB,Jaguar Land Rover and Wolverhampton City Council. With so many illustrious names exhibiting it was a fantastic opportunity to meet with influential figures and leaders from the Midlands manufacturing industry; to exchange stories of beginnings, to talk about growth and business and most importantly to get together all the companies in one place to really see how vast and important the industry in the Midlands is.


Interestingly, whilst at the the Made in the Midlands exhibition yo get to speak to many figureheads with long standing histories in Midlands manufacturing that are seeing the benefits of online marketing. Think about it, many of the companies that were there today have been running for decades through traditional manufacturing methods, and have built huge worldwide success from it, but there is a massive space for many of these companies growth in the online market. The notion of traditional manufacturing is warming to the importance of going digital.


We have worked with a fair few clients in the industrial manufacturing industry, such as RamfoamAlloy Heat and Bracebridge Engineering. We have designed websites and systems that have really helped to gain recognition and improve the way that they operate sales with clients, and it is very exciting that so many companies are beginning to visualise what digital platforms can do for their company.


Needless to say, the event was really enjoyable. It was great to mix with so many inspiring companies and people, and I really look forward to seeing how many of these companies will go in the digital direction; hopefully we will be working with many of you guys soon!