Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs at Tech Wednesday

We made an appearance at Tech Wednesday on the 17th September 2014 to give a talk through the history of the company and to offer advice to a beaming audience of young entrepreneurs. From our early stages right up until the digital team you know today, the history of Kalexiko has been a colourful and exciting one and all was shared at Tech Wednesday.


Kalexiko is a company with a more colourful history than many. Starting as a small bedroom based business eight years ago, we’ve gone from strength to strength to become a unique and fast growing web design agency.


As it stands at the moment, Kalexiko is constructed of an intimate team of Birmingham-based tech gurus covering all facets of the digital marketing industry. Working with several blue-chip companies Kalexiko has fast fledged into a team with a brimming portfolio of exceptional projects; client relationships that have been forged with cooperation and satisfaction, and more experience of delivering excellent projects.


Like many digital companies, Kalexiko’s humble beginnings have led to us to become a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs in both their Birmingham stomping ground and across the UK.

To share our wisdom and to offer the much needed inspiration to the wave of fledging digital entrepreneurs in the West Midlands and beyond, Kalexiko’s own Chan Dhillon took the opportunity to discuss the journey of the company and to offer his own wisdom at the Tech Wednesday conference in Innovation Birmingham Campus on the 17th September.

For those who don’t know as of yet, Tech Wednesday is a monthly group meet for the buzzing digital community in the Birmingham area. It presents the opportunity for entrepreneurs and tech-heads to meet up and collaborate with like-minded individuals, gracing all levels of the tech industry.

Tech Wednesday also have monthly ‘Show ‘n Tells’. This gives a chance for individuals in the tech industry to demo their talent to a group for feedback and discussion, or for startups to talk about their journey so far or a particular business area.

Kalexiko took to the mic to regale the audience with the story so far. A journey of triumph, wisdom and the building of principles that has helped the growth and establishment of the company. The audience were told about the stages that a tech startup has to go through to gain enough prominence to make waves in an extremely competitive industry.

As a digital marketing agency, we’ve gotten to where we are today without relying on outside funding, loans or investment. Situations that may challenge any web startup were shared, as well as ones that Kalexiko had itself. All were shared and Chan offered the solutions that can be adopted to overcome them.

Most of all, what was emphasised the most was that in the tech industry, there is “no elevator to success and sometimes you do need to take the stairs”. This inspiring epithet is one that can be lost when times get tough. As a company we’ve learned to gain the upper hand on situations that can knock many back, and the wisdom shared at Tech Wednesday by the company stands to encourage and inspire those that want to follow in its footsteps.

The great feedback received from the talk is evident from the Tweets shared after the event, such as;


After the talk, Chan offered some final food for thought;

The best way to create jobs in Birmingham and the Midlands is to support new and growing companies. Kalexiko has been built on giving back to our community and working in collaboration with organisations like Entrepreneurs for the Future (e4f). Start-ups need honest advice obtained from valuable experience to really help them sustain and grow.

For those of you interested, Tech Wednesday meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 5.30pm (for a 6pm start) at Innovation Birmingham. If you’re not sure how to find them, then just ask at reception and a friendly face will point you in the right direction. New faces are always welcome.