How To Track Companies That Visit Your Website

As a leading digital marketing agency, we often get asked by many of our clients if there’s a way to view the companies that visited their website. More specifically, users that have visited the website without submitting any details via the contact us form. Clients would find the data on visitors valuable in a report format, to enable their sales team to follow them up.


We have found a number of tools that can do this by tracking the static IP address of a company. However to date, we were never really happy enough with the amount of data they provided on who was behind the face of the IP address.


Recently, we came across Hatch a simple tool that offers so much. They provide a tracking code that needs to be added to every page of your website. Once added, their simple dashboard will provide you with data showing which companies have visited your website, alongside details such as the date and time, their location and how long they stayed on your website.

Moreover, Hatch shows the acquisition of your visitors, such as Google, another website, social media or directly by typing your URL into their browser.


Follow Your Visitors on Twitter

From the list of companies that have visited your website, you can simply start following all or a specified few on Twitter to view more about their company details. For example, we know Facebook in California visited our website several times.


Hatch shows their session history including the specific devices and browsers they used to visit. Furthermore, it displays each page they visited, so you have a clear trail of the company’s user journey.


Using this data to analyse all your incoming traffic, you have the upper advantage to gain new clientsbefore your competitors.


Your Personal B2B Networking Agent

Hatch is useful to determine the type of audiences that are landing on your website and whether your business is targeted for that specific market. If the companies visiting are potential clients, then Hatch will work in your favour to introduce them to you through the dashboard and create new lead generation.


To drive more attention to your brand, follow them on Twitter or LinkedIn, rewarding their initial visit to your website, which is guaranteed to attract more attention from them. Psychologically initiating the first step in a perhaps a more longer business relationship. This approach is suitably more subtle in contrast to an unexpected call from your sales team, which may on the other hand work if they are making multiple sessions to specific pages on your website to learn more about your services. The pages they visit will determine what they are looking for.


Hatch will ensure you don’t miss the business leads you want to work with and even set up alerts for you, so you know when a strong lead has just visited. Each month Hatch will give you visibility of 10 new leads on your dashboard, with the ability to see unlimited leads through an upgrade.


Hatch’s Neat User Interface

The UI design of the app is effective – clinical and simple. It’s transparent pricing also works well with our clients as other tools within the market don’t let you simply sign-up and start using the app for free.


Even applying the code to your website is easy and simplified as much as possible for you. Your free entitlement gives you five logins and the option to add more users for a small monthly fee.


It will make you wonder how you ever managed without it.


Give it a go and let us know how you get on.