Happy Red Nose Day from Kalexiko!

Red Nose Day, the one day of the year where it is impossible not to laugh; simple. No matter where you are, be it walking to work, in your office, on a bus or just relaxing in front of your TV, today is the day where you are guaranteed to see someone doing something wacky in the name of Comic Relief.

We hope you like the images of us getting into the Comic Relief spirit and sporting our red noses!


Though behind the laughter there is a message, one that exhibits the heart-warming philanthropy of the British public. Year after year, celebrities and the general public alike will be sporting their red noses and shedding their dignity with a smile to help fulfil the Comic Relief ethos: ‘a just world free from poverty’.


So, all of us here at Kalexiko urge you to pledge some form of donation to Comic Relief. Whether it be just a donation in the nearest Comic Relief charity box, sporting your red nose or even something wacky and funny (I may note, whilst typing this, my nails are glimmering with red nail varnish…hardly reputable for the macho projection I usually try to maintain).


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are people in the world who are a million times less fortunate than us and the least we can do is offer our support. So take part in the Comic Relief fundraising fun nearest you. We want to see you guys do something wacky! Let us know what you have done today, you can leave a comment, or better still send us a photo or video! You will be guaranteed to raise a few laughs here at the studio as well as knowing you have done something for a truly meaningful cause.


We are waiting, red nose and nails, for your responses!