Happy Birthday Albert Einstein!

The 14th of March is the birthday of one of the greatest scientific geniuses to ever walked the earth; Albert Einstein. Einstein’s contribution to the way we perceive and understand the world around us is nothing short of phenomenal.


Without Einstein and his scientific theories our understanding of the world would be a lot bleaker; we wouldn’t have the understanding of all the forces at work all around us. Furthermore, Einstein is among many of the great figures that in one way or another have helped shape web design (compare his theory of Special Relativity to a parralax scroll on a website for example). All of us here at the Kalexiko studiohold Albert Einstein in reverence as a great thinker as well as possessing an imagination that stretched as far as the universe. To commemorate the birthday his birthday we have prepared this timeline, celebrating his life and achievements. We really hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you have learn’t something about one of the greatest minds to ever exist.