Happy 7th Birthday Kalexiko

The 18th of May 2013 marks the seventh birthday of Kalexiko and boy, does time fly! It is hard to believe that the seed that was planted in the summer of 2006 has sprouted into the formidable web design agency that it is today.


Seven years down the line and here we are today, a thriving digital agency in the heart of a one of the liveliest cities in the UK. I must say that I am still amazed by the amount of distance we have covered as a company in such a comparatively short space of time.

When Kalexiko was incorporated as a limited company in 2006, I was fresh out of university and to be honest I didn’t really have that much experience working in the digital industry; or a large amount of experience with client work for that matter. Fortunately Kalexiko was born in a fortuitous time; just a couple of months before Google took on ownership of Youtube and the big boom of digital self broadcasting really took off. Though despite this, it was still an incredibly tough time for fresh-on-the-block digital agencies to take off.


Kalexiko’s first headquarters were situated in my garage office, where I began to craft small but tailored websites for companies wanting to take their first steps into the world of online marketing. Thankfully, due to a bit of foresight and a lot of research, I had relatively proficient knowledge to help get a few companies onto the web successfully.

Back then, in the early days, I would meet with clients in a local coffee shop (as opposed to the Kaleiko HQ or even further afield to the clients venue of choosing) and through working well with a number of clients word of mouth spread and Kalexiko started to grow; more and more clients were looking for websites created by us.


Our first big break came when we were asked to design a website for Legal TV; a television channel broadcast via the Sky Digital Satellite platform. After our successful work with Legal TV we had our foot in the door; business began to flow to us and our clientele began to grow.


Accommodating for a rapidly growing client base is quite difficult for a still-growing agency; as we found out. Due to the fact that Kalexiko was still a small company at this point, we still had to operate on relatively tight budgets; which meant restrictions when it comes to designs or finding ways to overcome the difficulties.


Never the less, through tenacity, experimentation and a bit of learning as you go along; we continued to deliver excellent websites for our clients. To see the proof, take a look at some of the big names in our clientele. We have had the honor of working with larger organisations such as JawboneMartin & Co, National Grid, West Midlands Police and many more. As well as our back catalogue of clients, we are also working on a number of exciting projects at the moment as well continuous work with some existing clients. So watch this space as things are getting really busy here.


As with all growing companies, we too have had to do our fair share of moving around. One of our first HQ’s was at Birmingham’s Baskerville house. As our clientele grew, we felt we needed a studio that would reflect our growth as a company, as well as being able to accommodate our increasingly prolific client base. In 2010 we moved to the Birmingham Science Park , which is now the home of Kalexiko HQ.


At Kalexiko we take a lot of pride in the fact that we have grown into the company we are today through delivering great websites, understanding and exploring the industry and not being afraid to implement new trends into our work. The Kalexiko you know today has gotten to this point without any use of advertising, telesales or pitching for tenders. We understand that word of mouth spreads, and we have gained our clientele through exceeding client expectations and through ensuring that we continue to provide for them; even after the sign-off date.


Though we owe a lot of our success to our Web Design work, what goes on behind the scene cannot be disregarded. The skill behind our on-going SEO tactics has placed us high in search rankings for a number of industry keywords and phrases. The SEO work we do with clients also has assisted in keeping Kalexiko going as a successful web design agency. As well as building our own online presence using our diligent SEO techniques, we have also built our client’s web presence, ensuring they score high with PageRank and are prevalent forces in their industry.


As you can see, Kalexiko as a company has changed a lot over these seven years. Our website is constantly going under new changes, our new blog being the newest addition to our site, and our team is always expanding and incorporating new trends into our projects.There is one thing that you can be certain of; we’re not slowing down with age.


So to all the clients we have worked or are working with, we thank you for the support and helping us grow like we hope we have helped you, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Here’s to the next seven years – Chan Dhillon