Happy 25th Birthday Internet!

Last week we saw the internet turn a quarter of a century old. A development which has progressed with immense speed within such a short space of time. Thanks to the inventor of the internet, the world has advanced at an incredible speed with a tool that can never be taken for granted.


There are times when the Wifi’s router signal strength fails to reach the corner of the garden, or when a technical glitch means we can’t checkout all the goods in time for next day delivery. Frustrating, but yet it allows us to appreciate the internet as being an essential part of our daily lives.


Born from a British Engineer

The inventor of the internet may not be as widely known as Steve Jobs, but deserves much credibility for his invention. 1989 saw Tim Berners-Lee an employee of CERN Physics Lab, propose an idea to link information systems together. Writing the very first browser ever (called WorldWideWeb) saw his company CERN shortly roll out a basic version of the internet we know today; available free of charge for anyone to use. The web grew from here, where thousands of developers took the responsibility on from Berners-Lee, who is still the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium first established in 1994, where web standards are put into force.


Internet Access – an Essential Human Right

Our quality of life has enhanced with little effort using the internet, from the comfort of our homes and workplaces. With the increasing number of mobile digital tablet devices available, businesses are able to improve their productivity using smart apps downloaded using the internet. With Google easily accessible within arms reach at every second of the day, we are free to search for all the information we desire. Tim Berners-Lee in his recent speech to commemorate the internet’s birthday, makes a plea to all countries to develop a bill of rights to keep the internet free and accessible to all.


New Developments Quickly Become Old News and So Forth …

With the recent Forth Generation (4G) of mobile technology being introduced, surfing is becoming faster, smoother, leaner. The power of the internet enables instant conversation, communicating words, live stream videos and picture sharing between family, friends and colleagues instantly, on an international scale. Being able to FaceTime someone a decade ago seemed a fantastical possibility, previously seen in futuristic movies.


Less Waiting in Queues

Data transfer has helped companies grow at tremendous rates providing services overseas, reaching out to millions of people. Online retailers can send goods to anyone anywhere. Looking back at times when individuals were dependent on hard copy catalogues and in store purchases only. With more retailers shutting shop and moving online, website demand is on the rise. With one click, we can check and order stock online. Our lives are being enriched, often tempting the consumer to over indulge in the wants more than the needs. Improving the online customer experience means their basket is never emptied when they leave the site even for a day; similarly being able to back track to recently visited pages on any one site.


Earth and Beyond

We watch and explore how the internet further unfolds to allow new developments arise, allowing humans to experience new ways of living never imagined before. Connecting with space and watching astronauts through crisp live streaming in space as they show off their movement around the Earth’s circumference, is shifting us closer to worlds beyond our planet. Rare media of this scale, slowly becomes a normal part of our lives, pushing us to explore newer and more exciting expansions.


Paving the Way to a Robotic Era

The internet offers capacity for us to move towards a machine-powered, digital era, where humanlike robots will one day become our companions, operated by the internet and other mobile devices. The next 25 years and beyond will see an even faster, more significant move towards a world that will change future generations forever.