Google takes on Spotify with new music app

Yesterday Google announced the release of its own music platform; Google Play All Access at its giant I/O conference in San Francisco. The release of the music streaming app puts Google ahead of rival Apple and sets it to take on other providers; such as Spotify.


The service has been described as ‘radio without rules’ and is focused on providing a user with music discovery. Users will be able to click on a single track and Google will suggest entire playlists and radio stations created around what other like minded users have listened to.


The Android-based app will initially only be available to American phone and tablet users; but a launch in the UK and other countries has been promised ‘soon’.


The service is set to rival other established music streaming programs such as Spotify, which also streams songs to a user’s device and offers subscribers a function to download tracks. Twitter and Apple are also planning to make a move into the the area.


Unlike many of Google’s other services, this one won’t be free of charge. Users will be charged $9.99 per month, but a free trial and a discount are on offer to those who sign up by June. Many people have said that the monthly subscription charge means that Google will not be able to gain head in the market in comparison to Spotify’s ad-fueled free service.


Though, with the ever impending Project Glass’s release nearing, the potential capability for synchronisation between the app and the device opens many a new doors for Google’s app that may allow it to take the edge over rivals.