Google launches Web Designer App

Only a few days ago, Google launched its new advertising application in beta; Google Web Designer. The company have said that the tool is for creating ‘professional-quality design’ HTML5 ads and campaigns accessible for all; from the professional designer to the dabbler.

It is seen that HTML5 really is the standard that everyone on the web should adopt; which Google describes as a ‘universal language for building beautiful, engaging content that can run across desktops, smartphones and tablets.’


Therefore it is no surprise that Google Web Designer seeks to help make HTML5 accessible to those in the advertising industry, pushing Web developers ever closer to the ‘build once, run anywhere philosophy’.


The beta version of Google Web Designer includes the following feature lists;

  • Create animated HTML5 creative, with robust and intuitive design tools.
  • View and edit the code behind your designs and see an automatic reflection of your edits on the stage.
  • Ability to build ad creatives seamlessly for DoubleClick and Admob, or alternatively, publish them to any generic environment you choose.
  • Receive product updates automatically, without the need to re-download the application.
  • All of this comes completely free.


Google have also broadcasted a few YouTube videos showcasing the tool. Here is one for you to check out;


As well as these videos, Google have also released a getting started guide, which you can findhere. Due to the fact the app is still in beta form, Google are requesting feedback, which you can provide on its user forum and Google+ page.


So, what do we think?

We took a look at the app here at Kalexiko. While we believe that the potential is there to make this concept a great app (bearing in mind, it is still in beta) we couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with it.

Admittedly, it is a diverse app. Using the quick animation mode, you can easily build two scenes which you can then tween to make quick animations; though in this day and age, ‘quick’ isn’t the best approach for a memorable ad.


On the other hand, there is the option to create a more in-depth approach, allowing designers animate individual layers and elements independently of each other. Using the 3-D authoring tools, ad designers have the ability to rotate objects along any axis and add dimensions to their pieces.


This is all well and good, but personally it felt like a bit of a one-stop shop; a slightly harder to use and clunky hybrid of Photoshop and Balsamiq.


Though, this being said, it is still useful to bear in mind that the app is still in beta and potentially, with the right (or wrong) feedback to Google, could come back as a brilliant advertising resource when in its final stable version.


Keep watching this space and we will bring you more news on the progress of Google Web Designer.