Going Paperless with Evernote’s SnapScan

We’re now into our third week in our new studio and we’re still settling in. Our biggest challenge has been sorting through the boxes of documents and paperwork we’ve hoarded over the years. Nothing of great use, but nevertheless documents we must keep for future reference.


Some sentimental …


… Others for audit purposes.


At the surface of the piles, a more recent collection of valuable layers of card and paper have settled – countless business cards, receipts, invoices and not to forget client briefs. Having all these documents neatly filed under the appropriate category requires manual sorting which we don’t have the time or passion for. There’s certainly no exhilaration in slotting hundreds of business cards into the correct alphabetical slots.


Our Previous Affair With Evernote

With the digital era underlying Kalexiko’s core business values, it only makes sense to transfer all our papers to a secure electronic system. We had seen and heard about the new Evernote ScanSnap Scanner, but our past experiences with Evernote held us back. We brushed it off thinking it’s just another software app within the marketplace.


When we first used Evernote in 2011 we weren’t overly impressed. Then, nearing to the end of 2014, the Evernote hype was back on. The Kalexiko team were using Evernote on our individual phones and recommending the much improved User Interface. It was true, the mobile app was brilliant as was the Web App which had undergone a complete transformation within the last few years.


Keeping our ignorance at bay, with no denial at how much homeless paper was under negligence, we began researching reviews on ScanSnap. The online recommendations sat in a cloud of grey; no black and white on ‘yes buy it’ or ‘don’t’. Reviews were sufficiently ‘mixed’, with Reviewer A’s enthusiasm that ‘ScanSnap is a revelation’ and Reviewer B stating it was ‘overpriced for a scanner’.


Regardless, we made the investment.

It came.


We used it.


We loved it!


ScanSnap’s Clever Recognition System

ScanSnap gave us exactly what we wanted. Instant transfer in a matter of seconds with the added feature of automatic filing of electronic documents into the designated folder structure. If we had to write an online review of the ScanSnap, the USP of this product is its ability to feed more than one document, including business cards, simultaneously.



How Does Everything Look?

We were so impressed by the scanned result of business cards; the digital image produced is of such high quality, that business cards will never be the same again. The added bonus is business cards automatically connect and save into your LinkedIn account.


The hardware itself is extremely light and portable; a magnificent tool with a unique folding mechanism where the input and output tray fold inwards to form part of the compact design. It even features a suede like finish.


How Did It Perform?

This piece of smart technology is more capable than a scanner. It transfers our documents via wifi and is picked up by the Evernote software, with the ability to read and recognise company names in their printed format. You can even select, copy and paste text from scanned documents. It’s excellent storage capability is more efficient than taking paper to the metal filing cabinet.


How Convenient is it?

The biggest benefit of the ScanSnap Scanner is the quick immediate access to documents. No more last minute searching through our pockets or briefcases for a business card to make that pending call.

No more stuffing invoices into each other.

No more shuffling receipts.

Everything is stored and backed up with no more annoying piles of clutter around the studio. There is extra piece of mind with the instant app notifications to confirm that your document(s) have been scanned successfully. We even received a year’s Evernote Premium included within the price.

As much as we all love our electronic gadgets here, our ScanSnap Evernote Scanner is in constant use, tidying our abysmal state of papers to create a paperless studio.