Facebook…the ninth wonder of the business world!

If there is one thing that we at Kalexiko are sure of it is the power of the web, we spend countless hours working with businesses across the UK to ensure they are equipped with the best quality websites; sites that not only promote but in todays internet obsessed society, aid business tenfold but what we along with millions across the world are now aware of is that a company website isn’t the only way to utilise the power of the internet…a social media presence is now an integral factor in twenty first century business marketing.


Since it’s world launch in 2006, Facebook has cemented itself as the most powerful social networking site in history, it is used by billions across the globe as the ultimate online connection but did you know that you could utilise the offerings of this social media magnate to boost the potential of your business?


Facebook is the 21st Century marketing must have for all businesses.


Why would it work?

500 Million active global users


250 Million daily users


According to official statistics released by the head quarters, more then 700,000 UK local businesses use Facebook as a part of their marketing strategies and why not?


If your business could reach just 1% of that active database then in the word’s of Ginger Roger’s ‘We’re in the money’


We at Kalexiko strongly believe in the power of Facebook which is why we have also jumped on the bandwagon, why? because it is free and simplistic access to billions of people across the globe and in the world of marketing your business…what could be better?


Here are our top reasons as to how and why your business could benefit from a Facebook presence.



You can set up a page on Facebook completely free of charge…ideal in today’s struggling economy.



With increasing use of mobile technology it has been reported that there are currently 100 million active users on Facebook mobile…see what you could be getting? Instant access to millions!



The beauty of social media is the speed at which you can communicate with other people. Imagine how much your business will benefit thanks to instantaneous communication with your online community? Your customers can give you feedback right away, ensuring that you’re always on the ball…an important factor in today’s market.



In the good old days word of mouth was the way we would spread our great news…now imagine doing that on Facebook? Speed x Mass Database= One very happy business!


Keep your Facebook followers informed on all of your new updates and promotions, increasing your engagement with your customers will only strengthen their loyalty to your brand and in today’s competitive field this is what will differentiate you from your rivals.


We at Kalexiko are more then aware of the power of the web, we thrive in helping businesses grasp their full potential with a strong online presence but with statistics now revealing that Facebook is the number one site for time spent online it would be a sin not to jump on board the wagon and let’s put it this way, if you don’t have a presence on Facebook when rival companies do…aren’t you giving them a head start?