Paid Biddable Media


A successful online business that stands out above competitors requires ‘paid search’ as an essential marketing component. With the number of online businesses increasing, no doubt you will want to make it easier for your customers to find you. Investing in a well run, advertising campaign will mean a fruitful onward journey, not to forget a rewarding ROI and revenue for your company.


Who said paid ads are only for e-commerce businesses? As a Google Partner and Adwords certified, Kalexiko have the knowledge and expertise to bring traffic to various platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Google Display Network. We understand the importance of delivering brand impressions directly to your website and tailor solutions to your needs.


Remarketing, Google Shopping and Pay Per Click (PPC) are all ways we can help you drive traffic to your website, leading to increased queries and sales conversions. PPC is the most easiest and fastest way to bring ROI as sales are imminent. We work with your designated marketing budget to control campaigns on a local or global scale, depending on where you provide your portfolio or services. So if your target audience is worldwide, we can help you reach that designated market.


It doesn’t stop there. Once your paid search campaigns go live, we monitor them using analytical tracking tools to keep you abreast of your competitors. No business wants to be left behind in the ever changing face of online marketing and technology. We run an audit on your current and proposed marketing strategies along with recommendations on how we can improve your paid search techniques.