Organic SEO

Link Profile Audits / Opportunity Assessment / Content Creation


At Kalexiko HQ our Birmingham SEO team are experts in implementing innovative and diligent SEO techniques into websites without jeopardising the quality of the content.


We understand how search engines operate and will research the target searches surrounding your website. Once we have established this we will optimise your website using a number of cunning on-site and off-site techniques which will ensure your website remains ahead of the competition.


At Kalexiko HQ, our SEO team will consistently update your websites content as well as regularly editing HTML and similar coding, maximising relevance to selected keywords and phrases, ensuring your website is at the top of the search engines poll.

SEO Consultancy

Keyword Research / Site Structure / Content Creation / Technical Audit

If your website is not generating the traffic that you think it should be, then your SEO strategies need to be reviewed .We offer SEO consultancies to suit your situation; whether you are building a new website from scratch, have received bad results from another SEO agency or just need a clean review of your websites current SEO disposition.


In the initial stages of SEO optimisation of your website, if you have a current SEO strategy we will assess it and highlight what is working for your website and develop solutions on the areas that need to be improved. If you currently don’t have an SEO strategy, we can devise one perfectly suited for your website.

SEO Copywriting

Customized Blogs / Keyword Rich Content

We have a team of in-house copywriters that will create SEO content and optimise your website content. Our SEO copywriters are experts in producing compelling and persuading content that will entice viewers, as well as skilfully inserting keywords and phrases that will help search engines detect your website, entice a reader and boost your sales.


Our team of copywriters will craft unique and enticing copy and ensure it is regularly updated to keep it fresh and at the top of the search polls.


The density of keywords is like a tightrope; too much weight to the one side will have a negative effect. Our SEO copywriters will create content that contains the perfect keyword density, ensuring that your website has high visibility but also reads smoothly.


Relevant links will be inserted into your website to ensure pages they connect and a viewer can drift between them smooth and swiftly.