Effective techniques to encourage website sign-ups

Having a great looking website that informs and delights is of paramount importance. However, just because someone is viewing your site, this doesn’t automatically mean they are going to become a paying customer.


That’s why sign ups are a really important conversion tool.

It’s a bit like being a shop assistant or owner. Someone wonders into your store and has a mooch around. They may even look quite interested in certain products but after a few minutes, they simply stop browsing and walk out. It’s only then you realise you should have walked over and asked if they’d like any help. That way you would have been able to find why they came in and what they wanted to buy.


Sign ups are your online ‘Can I help you?’ opportunity.


Here’s a few suggestions to boost your site sign ups


1. Make it easy

Make sure they are simple and easy to use. The quicker people can sign up, the more likely they are to do so. Make the link, box or pop up very easy to locate and avoid having unnecessary fields to fill in (especially those that ask lots of personal questions). Avoid also superfluous icons, links and buttons and look carefully at your wording. For the layout, use plenty of white space. Modal Windows (pop ups that shade out all other content) are useful for sign ups because they reduce the risk of distraction and Tooltips (the little speech bubbles that pop up when you hover over a certain area or link) are a great way to give useful tips and prompts.


2. Give something away

Giving something away for free is easy and encourages sign ups. This can involve no cost or minimal cost to you. For example, essential information and specialist knowledge can be given away in return for an email address. A free e-book, software, music download or video clip can also be given to subscribers.


3. Ask me a question!

Invite people to ask you a question. If you have a specialism to share you can build great relationships by becoming a font of knowledge. Make sure however, that you guarantee a quick response (and a really good answer!).


4. Invite people to join a community

Free e-newsletters or a useful document are pretty obvious sign up rewards, but if signing up enables you to become a member of an expert community or enables you to join a forum of like minded people, that’s even better. You could even offer some members a one to one – phone, email or Skype consultation.


5. Remember also, to offer a guarantee

A reassurance that you won’t sell or share any personal details is very important. People will want to know that they will not be bombarded with unwanted information so do make it clear what they can expect to receive in return. Use of passwords can also show that submitted information will remain secure and will not be used inappropriately.


Sign ups are a really useful marketing tool. With a little bit of background and preparation they can become a fantastic, low cost way to build the kind of one to one customer relationships your competitors will envy.