Clearabee’s Big Brand Revamp

Clearabee approached us in Spring 2013 needing a complete brand revamp. Needless to say, it was a huge challenge,an exciting and innovative one at that, and believe us, you will be as impressed as we are with the results.


A lot of Client discussions, brainstorming, workshops and problem-solving went into this project, and after many months of hard work and caffeine fueled through- the-night creative binges we feel that we can now show the world a truly one-of-a-kind web experience and a testament to what can be achieved when working with exciting concepts and clients.


So, without further ado, we bring to you the case study into the Kalexiko Clearabee complete redesign.


Who are Clearabee?

Clearabee are the answer to your rubbish removal and clearance needs, but with a difference. As well as operating a completely eco-friendly service, their rubbish clearance is not like your run-of-the-mill skip hire or man-with-a-van service. Clearabee offer a completely unique and bespoke service to their clients.


Clearabee zip around the UK nationwide in their signature purple van clearing rubbish from quite literally anywhere. Their fearless team take on mammoth flights of stairs, treacherous gardens and defiled fly-tipping zones to rid the UK of its unwanted waste in a manner that is client-oriented, swift and eco-friendly.


This means no more ugly skips and no damage to the environment. Unfortunately their web experience wasn’t reflecting the originality of their service or reaching out to those that needed them.


Issues with Clearabee’s Old Website and Branding

The main issue that Clearabee faced was customer confusion regarding their service. Users seemed to find the concept of rubbish removal by a van confusing. Needless to say, if you have seen the Clearabee site now, you will grasp this concept perfectly. Secondly Clearabee’s Organic SEO was just not reaching out to potential clients meaning that so many people were missing out on their great service.


Clearabee approached us basically requiring a website that reflected their service in a clear and concise manner; eradicating the existing confusion surrounding their service and painting a clear picture of how they work and how clients could benefit from what Clearabee had to offer.


This required a complete cleanup of Clearabee’s existing website and branding and the creation of a new one that was fresh, inline with the company’s persona and ethos and provided a user with an easy to digest outline of the work they did, but provided user experience that was as swift and as easy to grasp as the service Clearabee offered themselves.


Secondly, to ensure that Clearabee as a company (who work all over the UK) were reaching their complete potential client base. This meant that a whole new web marketing and SEO strategy would need to be configured and commenced so that clients, on top of mountains or in the middle of the woods if needs be, would know all about the rubbish removal service that would travel to them and remove their unwanted junk.


Design Challenges

When it came to the question of designing the Clearabee site, we felt that it had to be simple. The issue that users faced with the old Clearabee website was that the company’s message and services were not being portrayed through the site’s design. We felt that to overcome the issue of confusing users as to the services that Clearabee offered we needed to visually represent them through the choice of imagery we would select for the site.


Therefore we chose to use friendly custom illustrations and animations to literally show how the service operated. The user is taken through a visual journey which elucidates what Clearabee has to offer them. These animations coupled with clear call-to-actions lets the user navigate through the website easy without getting lost or burdened with confusing information. This worked particularly well when it came to the pricing page. Oddly enough many of the users didn’t understand exactly how big a cubic yard was- therefore how much space they required for their rubbish. So we overcame this problem with an illustration coupled with copy which explained in a tangible manner exactly how big a cubic yard isFinally to ensure that the website expresses Clearabee’s domestic and personal persona we ensured that the website style and colour scheme was consistent with Clearabee’s purple to make sure that users felt familiar with the brand throughout their experience.

UX Challenges

The main issue that we faced with Clearabee’s site UX was that the request a quote form needed not to be obtrusive to a user. We needed to ensure that a user could access a quote from anywhere on the site but without causing any baggage. We overcame this by making the request a quote form and the social sharing signals subtle but always present.


We also made it extremely simple for users to upload images of their junk into the form by adding the ability to simply drag and drop the image into the form. This means that users can quickly upload the image of the junk that they need cleared and get a quote in no time.


Site navigation was also an issue that we felt could be simplified. We wanted users to have total control when using the Clearabee site so we added fix navigation to the site so that users can always see where they are in the site no matter where they scroll or where they are on the site.

Local SEO Challenges

As we touched upon earlier, Clearabee are a company that offer their rubbish removal services all across the country; in locations including the West Midlands, the North and the South West. We wanted to make sure that they ranked high in searches so that potential clients all across the country would be able to find Clearabee in their Google searches.


To ensure that this happened our copywriters composed every page with unique and well-written copy outlining all of Clearabee’s services and all about the company. Not only did help to clarify to any confused clients what exactly Clearabee could do for them but it also gave each user in each location a unique and tailored experience suited to where in the country they were; as each landing page contained unique copy.


Furthermore, to make sure that the website would perform well with Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm, we made sure that the website was light and fast as Google rank site-speed as one of the most important factors in determining how a site ranks in searches. As a result you will see that Clearabee ranks on page one for highly-competitive industry-relative searches such as; Page one for very competitive keywords like; rubbish removal, skip hire London and skip hire Birmingham.


In Conclusion

As you can see, the new Clearabee site is impressive. All of us here at Kalexiko are particularly impressed with how the website came out and Clearabee are too. Though it doesn’t stop here, now we’re working on developing the site further so it’s mobile friendly and looking to build a sophisticated online booking system with Clearabee.