Balancing Colour in Web Design

In today’s business market, each decision we make can often be the difference between success and failure; we have to be right on the money to ensure that we stand out from the crowd and and firmly make an impact on the market and our clients. Nothing is an exception …everything counts, from our marketing strategies to our implementation and even little things you never knew could make a difference…like the colour we use on our website.


Rewind back ten years and a website would not hold much prominence, whatever your business, in fact you probably could have survived successfully without so much as venturing on the world wide web but today it’s power is unequivocally on par to world domination. Millions of us have instant access and spend hours surfing the world wide web and we even spend more time watching TV online rather than on the actual…well…TV.


As the result of the internets powerful rise; thanks to the mass pull of social media and instant access available on tablet pc’s and mobile phones a website is crucial and often the first point of call in marketing your business which is why attention to detail is a must…right down to colour. The colour used in the design of your website will play an important role in the presentation of your business and as a result, the way in which it is perceived…first impressions always count!


Below are some websites with great colour contrast;


Puma – retro and bright banners on a dark illustrated background

Red Nose Day – great textured and pastel shades of red

Vestibular – very clean and effective colour combinations

Park City Lodge – a dark, warm and natural approach

in Brain – bright yellow and dark black helps attract instant user attention

When selecting colours for your website it is important that you are careful with your choices and stick with a specific theme that will enhance your content, for example if your business sector has any links with nature then go for green and white as both colours together evoke images of innocence and purity and will leave visitors to your site relaxed and fully aware of the impression you wish to create.


Remember that colour can also be suited to different target audiences. Yellow and black together give a sense of sophistication, warmth and seduction…think gossip favourite Grazia magazine, whilst blue and white create a sense of high quality and purity…think medical and health companies like Boots. Colours can also be gender specific; light pinks and purples are often associated with femininity and would be ideal for businesses centered around the beauty sector whilst harsher greys and browns are considered more suitable for businesses centered on men and masculinity.


Whilst the generic theme and colour is vital, it is equally important to ensure that the colour of your text remains simple and does not clash. your classic white on black or black on white background is your best bet; anything else may not work as well and may cheapen the image of your entire site. When it comes to links try not to be too adventurous as you may risk confusing your site visitors; stick to the classic red for a visited ink and blue for the not visited; these colours have been used for years in web design…you can’t beat the good old classics.


Never forget that colour is one of the most powerful tools throughout your site and can play a serious role when conveying a message; so keep it consistent and don’t clash! Naturally you might be a little afraid of your use of colour but don’t hold back too much as too little colour can equally work against you and create a cheapened look…probably not the best image you would want for your company.


The colours you use and the way you use them on your website not only make the site look beautiful but can be the difference between a few hits and a thousand hits a day, so never go with personal favourites but instead look at it from a consumer point of view and seriously take time to plan it all out, it will be crucial in dictating navigation and highlighting your content and overall it will reinforce the character of your organisation.


Take the time, plan it step by step and chose wisely and watch how the colour of your website can help your business grow.