Are Successful Projects Always Delivered On Time, On Budget?

When it comes to project delivery, each web project is unique based on our individual client requirements, their industry type, image and branding, budget and actual timescales. The similarities are that each web project will have online presence, alongside the exposure it deserves through effective search engine optimisation. The importance lies in the standard formal processes and project management methodologies employed to ensure optimum control at the startup of the project, right through to the end of the project lifecycle.


Project Focus and Initiation

To get the foundations of any project right, we initiate the process by gathering as much market research knowledge about our client as possible. Understanding our clients key people, products and competitors in detail allows us to fill in all information gaps whilst envisaging the right web product for them. On site visits to our clients premises is key to understanding their background and production lines in more detail, from seeing how the raw materials enter to how the final product leaves. Depending on the type of industry, we can take this description almost literally.


Meeting with our clients helps us to identify their key objectives, benefits and outcomes as well as what their available budget and preferred timescales are. Subsequent meetings also involve our technical team who help build the project plan with details on which resources will work on individual project tasks such as designing and coding. Our technical team are the experts on actual time frames to achieve a realistic launch date. The detailed information received from scoping out the project tasks feeds into the final functional requirements specification document.


The most important benefit a website can bring to a client is end-user customer accessibility driving an increase in company sales. Many of our client organisations choose to implement Prince2 methodology to project manage their new website delivery. Kalexiko often sit on the Project Board as the Senior Supplier, alongside the main stakeholders of the clients company. The Executive most usually being the Chief Executive of the client company and the Senior User being the manager of a team that will be managing the web tool after delivery. As Senior Supplier, our role is defined as being responsible for creating the web product, comprising of a front end design complemented by back end functionality through a Content Management System.


Design, Develop, Deliver

Effective change control is important when our clients ask for a change to the original specification. Depending on the type of change, and the affect it has on overall costs, authorisation is sought by the client or Senior a User from the key sponsor funding the web project. Alternatively, if tolerances have been set up at the start for both time and cost, formal approval is not required and an extension to timescales is more straightforward.


During the design phase, our Project Manager being the interface between the client’s Project Manager and the programmers or designers, ensures the project is always under control and on track for completion. Never responsible for doing the actual designing or programming, but managing resources and their outputs.


So what factors determine whether a project will be delivered on time and on budget? Kalexiko always ensure resources working on a project have enough capacity to commit to each individual clients project. Often our clients need a little more time to write the copy for their web content. Alternatively, many clients choose to leave the copywriting to Kalexiko. We proof read all copy regardless of the author to ensure the right message is being portrayed to the end reader. In the web industry, waiting for supplies or stock delivery is fortunately not an issue, software being an abundant tool, is always in stock and never an excuse for a delay to the client’s agreed launch date.


Occasionally, clients that are new to digital design, can feel overwhelmed by the vast choices and possibilities available for their web presence. Our clients decision making has a key impact on outcomes, simultaneously, we guide our clients to make the right choices quickly to ensure no delay to the project milestones. Once our client is completely satisfied with the mock up designs for their web interface, we proceed to the next stage.


Our web architects use many skills to create and develop the required functional elements. Technical expertise alongside a good eye for design are implemented before the final test and launch phase. Website development meets all web standards, accessibility and 3rd party web applications as required.


We don’t rely on the client to check their new website for faults or for them to carry out the initial user acceptance testing. We carry out all the essential quality assurance and usability checks and solve any issues early on to avoid any delays or additional effort required.


Launch and Beyond

We believe that once a website is launched, this is just the beginning of the clients initial marketing strategy. We provide ongoing support and analysis to improve and add to the existing functionality.


Within many corporate organisations, the success of a project is measured by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as whether it was completed on time and on budget. The results of several projects are collectively analysed by a performance framework team within the organisation, alongside customer satisfaction ratings. When customer satisfaction is key, the findings and results are significant for improving future services.


At Kalexiko, we believe there is more to the success of a project than it’s constraints to the date and time the website officially launches; it’s ongoing performance to attract visitors above its competition is far more important. One key element being Search Engine Optimisation, where we optimise our clients websites to make them more search engine friendly. The monthly progress of a websites search engine rankings are affected by the continuous ongoing improvements to the website. Leaving a website to sit somewhere between pages and pages of Google results, once a user has searched for the appropriate keywords, is the sad story of many outstanding websites which don’t prioritise optimisation. A successful site organically matures to reach page 1 and even number 1 results, something that often a timescale cannot factor.


All our clients benefitting from Search Engine Optimisation on their websites, subscribe to a tailored SEO package, with a committed pot of money extending from their original website costs. A clients individual budget varies to reflect the depth of SEO results criteria they want to achieve. Clients willing to remain ahead of the game will always see the results they need for their marketing strategy to be a success.