Alfred V2: Beanstalk workflow

The Alfred app has been for me a lifesaver. After a week or so of using it I can guarantee that you will think to yourself, ‘how on earth did I ever manage without it?’- I know I did.


I would describe Alfred as a supercharged Spotlight replacement, a personal friend in enhancing productivity. You have the ability to search your file system effortlessly and launch apps in a matter of one or two simple keystrokes; simple, clean and ultimately super-effective. However, the thing I love most about Alfred is the fact that anyone can extend it by way of Workflows.


Workflows are essentially custom plugins by third-parties. You can build Workflows that can help you complete simple tasks or just display basic information. So, consequently I decided to have a crack at creating my own Workflow for Alfred, that would both assist me and if you want you can use it yourself. Introducing…



So, this is the example of the finished product; a quick and simple Alfred Workflow that allows you to easily search through your Beanstalk repos. Let’s take a look at setting it up.


Setting up your Alfred Workflow

Honestly, the process really couldn’t be simpler even if it tried to be. Just simply put in your account, username and password into the $credentials array.


So, how to use it

Again, it really couldn’t be any simpler. Your repo clone string looks like this: git clone -o Beanstalk, and the basic functions are as follows;


bs list:

This will list all your Beanstalk repos and will copy selected item clone strings to your clipboard.


bs Search:

This will search for repos containing {query} and will copy selected item clone strings to your clipboard.


bs log:

This will show the latest 15 commitments throughout all your accounts; and will copy selected items containing commit # or revision number to your clipboard.


Plans for additions

With the ability to customise it further, I feel it would be a waste not to add anything more to it. In my endeavours in the near future I intend to commit myself to a number of additions to this Workflow, namely functions to allow; Commit log per repo, view and create SSH Keys, deploy changes and re-deploy all files; which will come in due-time.



Workflows Class and Beanstalk API Wrapper


By all means fork the repo on github. Or download it as is. If you think that Alfed-beanstalk could do with any tweaks or enhancements then just drop us a comment; we look forward to hearing your suggestions.