A letter to Jodi Ann Bickely

Those of you who have read the Kalexiko @ TEDxBrum article will be familiar with the name Jodi Ann Bickley. If you haven’t then you’re missing out on one of the most inspirational young figures to come out of the UK.


Jodi is a talented young writer from Birmingham and her story is one of the most inspirational stories that we have ever encountered. Jodi suffered from an insect bite whilst performing at Bestival in the Isle of Wight which triggered a brain infection called mengo-encephalitis. This left Jodie hospital-bound for three weeks and having to learn how to write and walk again.


Though, not one to be phased by what would surely be enough to leave most of us fed up with the way life works, Jodie invested the time she spent whilst recovering into something truly wonderful; One Million Lovely Letters.


One Million Lovely Letters, as Jodi puts it is a way to ‘remind (you) of the bloody amazing stuff about you that you’ve forgotten because we all forget once in a while’. Basically, if someone is feeling blue, they can get into contact with Jodi and she will write them a handwritten letter, just to remind them how great they are; a heartwarming example of philanthropy if we ever did see one.


After hearing Jodi’s talk at TEDxBrum we were just so inspired that we wanted to do something nice. We decided taht we would write Jodi a letter, just to remind her how wonderful she is and the inspiration she has provided us.


So Jodi, this one’s for you!

Dear Jodi,

Firstly, congratulations on your talk at TEDxBrum, it really was great to see that One Million Lovely Letters has gotten the recognition that it deserves, and that you also are gaining opportunities to talk about it to a wide audience. Really, congratulations, you really do deserve it! Secondly, I just want to express the impact that your story had on all of us here in the Kalexiko studio, though it’s actually really hard to find the words that capture just how deeply your story touched us. In a situation that would have left most of us feeling like we would want to give up you somehow harnessed all that you could from a bad situation and used it to create something that is really great; thank you for showing everyone that there are no limits if you choose not to give in to them.

One Million Lovely Letters really is a one-in-a-million kind of idea, and it takes someone really special to come up with something like that. There’s no doubt that so many people all over the world have been touched by the lovely things you say about them in your letters, and we wanted you to also feel the joy of someone telling you that you are great (though, We am sure that your fan mail is bursting), hence why we have written you this letter.

We wanted to make sure that you know that you are great Jodi, and whenever you feel like you are having a bad day or feeling a bit blue, remember that there are so so many people out there who you have helped to lift up when they have felt the same way. We hope that our thought as well as all the support that you have out there from so many people helps you to get back on your feet on the tough days.

You have unlimited support from all of us here at Kalexiko, and since seeing you at TEDxBrum, you have been the topic of conversation with pretty much everyone we have spoken to, and all of them are familiar with One Million Lovely Letters, so it’s definitely taking the world by storm!

All of us here at Kalexiko really wish you all the best; we wish you all the best for your health and for your creativity. We are really looking forward to seeing what your next brilliant idea will be, and no doubt it will be fantastic!

All the best from us here at Kalexiko HQ! XXX