8 tips on how to exceed client expectations

After working with a variety of clients with different requirements (and demands) over the last 5 years, we’ve learnt a thing or two about customer care. Experience is priceless and reading articles or books can never prepare you for real life situations. However, you may find the below points useful;


Honesty is integrity

Everyone can talk and everyone likes to talk but delivering is so much harder. A few years ago, we use to take on as many projects as possible and thought more the merrier strategy will help us grow. However, this strategy is so flawed as we found hundred’s of clients meant dealing with thousands of calls and emails every week – nothing was ever getting signed off! We now work with a good client-base who value our opinion due to our straightforward and honest approach. For example, if we miss a deadline or a milestone it’s crucial the client is informed right away (a phone call is what it usually takes). In the past we’ve had various enquires from developing a complex epos system to designing a keyring and we’ve never taken on any work in areas we don’t specialise in, as integrity always pays of in the long run.


Never say never

We have a client who chops wood everyday for a living to sell briquettes and we anticipated working together could become a nightmare. However, we learn so much from this novice internet user using our websites, such as correct font sizes, colour contrasts, mouse-rollover interactions, screen sizes, etc. Over the last few years we’ve asked this client to use and test our websites by completing long boring forms or editing the content via our CMS and if he runs into problems we know we’ve not met our objective.


Learn to say no

At times it can be difficult to say ‘no’ to clients who have a really a tight deadline and needed it delivered yesterday. But it’s much worst to say ‘yes’ and failing to deliver at all. So our policy is to bend backwards to try to push our capacity to maximum to deal with any high priority requests. However, when it’s not feasible we have learnt (the hard way) that saying ‘no’ or ‘not possible’ is difficult but well worth it in the long-run. Good clients respect the truth rather than saying ‘yes’ for the sake of it.


Two ears and one mouth

Have you ever thought why mother nature has created us with two ears and one mouth? Common sense tell us we should listen twice as much we talk. So when a client is telling us his pain or vision we listen very carefully and digest it well. Listening is a gift and listening carefully is an art. At Kalexiko, our team meetings are brilliant – everyone listens carefully until someone speaks.


Nothing is urgent

If wembley stadium can be built 2 years late and 60 million over budget, is anything really that urgent? Most professional companies have the systems in place to deal with any crises and understand that technology can have a bad day. Facebook recently went down for over 6 hours and demonstrated to the world that even the best systems can fail. Whenever, our team face a crises we professionally and promptly tackle the issue without panicking. The ‘keep calm and carry on’ poster does help at times.


Client and Coffee is King

The saying ‘the customer is always right’ is a powerful statement and we firmly agree with it. Sometimes, both client and agency can disagree on important factors of design, usability, development, etc. How do we overcome this? We sit down with our clients on a comfortable sofa drinking Birmingham’s best coffee to figure out the best solution. We rarely have board room meetings and find siting in a casual posture while drinking the best coffee and eating quality food helps us solve the most complex and challenging problems.


Thinking long-term is vital

Big companies were once very small companies. We all want the huge clients with over 100 million turnover and a marketing team of 300 personnel. But, this can very easily make you lose focus on the smaller and growing clients on your door-step. We always offer our high-quality skills to all regardless of shape and size. Kalexiko is an agency focussed on people and enjoy building great client relationships, which is paramount to build great web applications.


Enjoying the challenge

Life is short and facing new challenges everyday should be enjoyed. Nothing is impossible (impossible really means i’m possible) and everything is within the mind. At Kalexiko, we enjoy what we do and really enjoy delivering phenomenal solutions / results for our clients.